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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sand Spider, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Does anybody else experiance childish behavior at their units. Is it just my unit that seems to be full of soldiers with no previous military experiance except their basic training and a couple of courses think that they know everything already. Examples are whinging about being a trained soldier for 18 months and not being promoted, disliking senior ranks because they instill discipline, bragging how much time they put in(they are unemployed by the way).
    I really dont think they understand the army ethos of teamwork as they have not done any real soldiering ie tours all they seem interested in is is what they have done with senior nco's at the weekend and putting down people who they are jealous of

  2. Calm down, dear, they're only Stabs.....

    I remember terrible arguments about who should vacuum the training room and who had brought an extra iron with them because the irons in the store were all in use. Awful, it was.
  3. After being in the Brownies so long you've got raised expectations love.
  4. Wait out mate and after being in a while you will probably think the same, when i get back from mobilisation there will be new guys, guys who were privates that are now lance jacks, lance jacks who are now full screws ect. Its just the way it is sometimes, the unepmloyed are usually keener as it becomes more of an obession then a part time job, they will be on herrick 17 soon
  5. And winging about these people surely puts you in the same group for childish behaviour ;)

    unhappy at been overlooked come promotion time are we :D
  6. 18 months to lance jack, thats some going. How can you go through recruit training and trade training and come off the board in 18 months ?

    Is this one of those RLC shower units ?
  7. Sorted that for you :)
  8. I wish I could think of something funny or well thought to say. Bit it's been a long day so I'll stick with:

    Stop being such a ******* girl!

    Hope this helped.


  9. Bravo_Bravo thought up his username when he met "Bravo"
  10. You missed a bit out.
  11. No, I've fixed it for you...
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  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They, or part of them, where providing their services on an EX I was on recently. There are no 18 month Lance Jacks there. They are all long in the tooth and mostly retreads from somewhere else.
  13. as jack dee said; part time soldiers, full time banging on about it.

    just ignore it an in two courses and 18 months when you're listing off the reasons why you should be promoted to the new guy, pause and remember this thread.
  14. We don't get any of that kind of nonsense round my way. How's that for one up-manship?
  15. No no, I've fixed that for you. :D
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