One, Two, Three, Four! Do You Love The Royal Corps?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by EyeScream, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Do you enjoy being in the Corps or do you think your made for something with a little more action?
  2. Go and first works your vehicles!!
  3. you mean to say theres not enough action in the royal corps
    you obviously never served on the front line here at Colerne mate
    its bloody hell
    fry me a kipper for breakfast padre, im going in...............
  4. If you're in 248 why are you on the internet and not turning your truck round after exercise?
  5. On leave d'ckhead
  6. Im seriously thinking of going 216 maybe even 264. I didn't think that the army could be so boring.
  7. Get yourself on a tour then, it won't seem so boring after it.

    No more mortars thanks chef, I'm full.
  8. The Corps is awesome. The others are awful.
  9. :twisted: The Corps is great, they get fobbed off with camps in the middle of nowwhere, usually up the top of a whopping great hill, surrounded by little villages of the dambed full of flipper fingered freaks - yeah! give me a high 6 Colerne
  10. The CORPS gave me everything i have ever needed, Low pay, low job spec, low chance of promotion, but best of all, a song thats got the best title in the world 'Beyond all care'
  11. ooops insubordination in the ranks!!

    i love the corps. its the shiznet. higround loves the corps too its his favourite. after being robbed of promotion last year he now has to wait again because he cannot subdue the urge to choke the life out off civvies. tough break mate. :) your not missing out on much... who am i kidding!

    as for me i do truly love the corps. the way information must be held at all costs. 1 month untill posting and they havent even narrowed it down to a country for certain. but someone knows... somewhere! and me asking about my future is "being a pain in the arse - bugging people" im sorry its only my future! i dont need to know!! honest!

    a little more action. depends on the unit mate. im sure the people with too much action are fed up of it too!

    just smile, tomorrow will be worse

  12. I actually love the CORPS and want to marry it, and all its little faults.
  13. There was one guy very recently who had a posting to 2 Sigs on promotion. He was Cormorant trained so he was quite happy. His long-term girlfriend quit her job and they rented out a flat in York. On the Tuesday he rocks up into work with a shiny new stripe to be told 'we're not expecting you'. MCM Div had changed the posting to 21 Sigs and the soldier hadn't been told. Net good lad less in the Army.

    So, shafted by a combination of MCM Div and the AGC(SPS) clerks in the unit. Still, you can't blame the corps!
  14. You have got to be joking PD!!!!

    That is crazy. Couldn't they just accept that they had dropped the ball and worked around it? ie, left him in place.
  15. That incident surely needs a serious investigation by the Corps/MCM.

    Hopefully he will calm down and stay in.