One Time Issue - being billed for new Herrick kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMFQuestions, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. The short story is I deployed 3 years ago. Due to go again soon, my QM has said if I bring in my old kit it will be exchanged for new stuff.

    But 3 years ago when I returned I was told to bin my old deserts (which barring the smock I duly did) and now they are saying that all of the desert kit was actually on my flick and I need to go diffy for my new Op Kit.

    Can someone give me a definitive answer on this as my CoC are arguing amongst themselves about it.

    Do I need to exchange my old Telic stuff for a new issue of gear for Afghan or do I get a complete re-issue?

    I leave in 3 months. Cheers guys. If the rules say I have to pay then I will cough up but I am not doing it on the whim of a civvy on the counter.
  2. Short answer, If you signed for it and it went on your flick you are liable to pay for it. If you didn't sign for it then there shouldn't be a record of you having it.
    It will be up to your QM's dept whether they bill you or not, They can but they don't have to.

    Edit-Just realised who's asking, I hope you get billed for everything up to and including the sweat rags.
  3. You still upset about the other thread? :D You need to lighten up and stop spending your life on here. More important things bro, more important things. :)
  4. Find someone who's just been through RTMC Chilwell - they're too busy issuing kit, they can't put it on your 1157, so you end up with loads of buckshee everything :)
  5. If top blokes like stacker1 didn't spend all their life on here, kit diffy dicks like you wouldn't get answers to bone questions to put their life back in order...
  6. That reminded me.

    On tour in 2006 and I got some mail from RTMC. This here CBA we issued you in 2003, where is it? Me, um bit of a rush leaving theatre, couldn't take all kit so signed it to the monkeys and before you ask, no 3 years later I don't have the 1033 anymore, whoops.
  7. StickyToffee

    Not really sure why I am a dick or this is a bone question but thanks for taking the time to reply. Maybe I didn't specify this was a non-retard thread and so it is understandable how you wandered onto it.

    But now you can adjust accordingly and go elsewhere. As for Spacker1 - I am loathe to take advice from an idiot that believes we should be allowed to carry phones around in theatre because he does not "believe" any of the reasons for not having them. You may commence have your own pudding made sticky by him though.
  8. we had to dispose of desert kit due to 'depleted-uranium.....'

    had 2 issues since and not on my 1157....
  9. Hey Einstein when you have finally finished using your data aggregation to track me down like you threaten in the other thread would you like me to explain the basics behind signing for something?
  10. Thought you were coming into my office........... :lol:
  11. Soz Big Man, I didn't realise this was a non-retard I've lost my kit thread and don't know what to do.

    Of course if you had any real friends, you could get a loan and exchange them, loser...
  12. The civvy on the counter!! probably been there ,done it long before you ,its on your flick, you pay.hopefully you will have a good tour and return safeley, but in the meantime , we all get a rest from your bone posts. :D
  13. Just buy the cheapest most knackered kit you can find from Ebay or your local surplus shop and hand that in instead.
  14. Hmm, signed over my CBA and pistol before I left theatre too, hope they're not looking to get that back!
  15. Pay for shite - Fukc that!

    Is it on your 1157/webbing card?
    No - don't worry bout it, not on flick; no bill.
    Yes - Explain that you were told to bin it last time, apologise and ask for a copy of all paperwork for your kit insurance company. (Ask for copies of the originals of ALL the kit on your signature - this may cause your stores a shed load more work and they might just write it off or do free replacements.

    Failing that you could always bribe them!

    Do you have a complete list of what's missing?