One third of households keep anti-intruder weapon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Only a third? Why is this newsworthy anyway?

    Third 'keep anti-intruder weapon'

    Almost a third of UK householders keep items like golf clubs, cricket bats and heavy torches in case intruders enter their homes, a survey has suggested.

    And more than half of them said they were prepared to use these objects, the poll of 4,000 people for the insurance company Cornhill Direct said.

    It also reported that only one in five feels safe in their own homes at night.

    But the most recent British Crime Survey found that burglaries had fallen by 3% in England and Wales.

    The number which had been reported to police fell by 7% in the year to 2005-6.

    Violence justified

    The Cornhill survey found that 30% of householders keep heavy items for use in self-defence.

    It suggested that people in Liverpool were most likely to keep potential weapons, and were also the least likely to say they did not feel safe at home at night.

    Under the law, householders who use an object as a weapon against an intruder have to show the force was reasonable and the violence justified.

    The findings indicate that even though burglary rates have gone down considerably in the past 15 years, the fear of an intruder remains high, he added.

    Conservative MP Anne McIntosh, who has tried to introduce a private members bill to give shopkeepers and homeowners the right to protect with force, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that people did not feel safe in their homes.

    "The government will say that the figures for burglaries have gone down, but clearly - and the survey bears this out - the perception is that you're more at risk of being burgled now, particularly in rural areas," she said.

    But David Keel, of Cornhill Direct, said there were easier ways of keeping intruders at bay.

    He added: "Taking simple and relatively inexpensive steps to make your home more secure, like fitting good door and window locks as well as motion sensitive security lights, are proven deterrents."

    Sadly the article does not reveal if a 3 iron or a sand wedge is the weapon of choice.

    However, it is considered that articles which are "readily to hand" in a domestic environment are a better bet (in terms of not being prosected for the "crime" of defending yourself) than that huge double ended Klingon sword that seemed such a bargin on eBay and you keep under the bed. Just in case.
  2. 1 x L1A1 Springer Spaniel - liver and white.

    Uses barking and extreme excitement and affection to deter would-be intruders.

    After that we have a murder hole down which Mrs V_M and I will pour boiling frytol onto our attackers.
  3. I see a flaw, sir.
    Is your murder hole limited to one angle of attack? Are you normally in a position to keep said weapon constantly manned?
    What method do you use to keep your "ammo" at the operating temperature?
  4. I keep my hockey stick handy :twisted:
  5. My Doris is enough of a deterrent, she'd frighten away any intruder.......she scares the sh1t out of me, anyway! :lol:
  6. 3 ft. parang by the door does it for me. And if that don't work, I'll throw my mother-in law at them.
  7. This whole notion really get up my left nostril, if some piece of scum breaks into my house, violating my rights as a home owner should it not be the case when they stepped on to my property they left their rights at the boundary...
    If I happen to slap them round about tie them to a length of wood and torment them with my magical saw, chances of them trying to rob someone else would be very slim indeed.
    I have not had any major issues in my life because like others let my fists do the talking any the sign of trouble.
  8. I keep an SASDeltaFarceNavySeal49ParaWaltenKommando mincing knife by the bed. :D
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Dead burglars don't litigate.
  10. IAI model 941 in .41 AE easily accessable from my side of the bed and a Mossberg-500 loaded with no.4 shot is on the wife's side (she's good with it too... better at trap and skeet shooting than myself although I won't admit it to her.) I can give a damn less if an intruder enters downstairs and rummages around before the police arrive as everything is insured but if he attempts to come upstairs... well... there won't be any cost to the state for prosecution, incarceration, etc.
  11. I wonder the legal situation if one was to pop a notice on the window reading along the lines of, a cruel and painful death awaits those who enter uninvited?
    No doubt if I tell the Police I'm an Inca who needs human sacrifices, I would get away with it due to human rights!!!
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well that comes under religious persecution. In my own personal religion, it is my belief that I can persecute/nail up any non-believer who enters my church uninvited. My religious icon is called a Black & Decker Hammer Drill and it is worn inside the kneecap.
  13. I have a baseball bat to hand should the need arise. Funny thing is, I leave my door unlocked every night of the week and the thieving gypos still haven't tried to illegally enter my property.

    If an intruder does enter your property, smash his face in, then beat your head off of the wall next to his slumped body, inform police he attacked you and threatened your children, thus justifiable force.
  14. May I suggest a nail gun, it is far more efficient, since you can get more nails in before the shock either kills or knocks the bod out.
  15. Glock 23, with 135 grain HYDRA-SHOK JHP, I think that should do it.