One-State Solution for the Mideast?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Some interesting ideas about how Israelis and Palestinians may be able to live together from none other than Muammar Qaddafi.

    ",,Israelis and Palestinians have also become increasingly intertwined, economically and politically.

    In absolute terms, the two movements must remain in perpetual war or a compromise must be reached. The compromise is one state for all, an "Isratine" that would allow the people in each party to feel that they live in all of the disputed land and they are not deprived of any one part of it...."
  2. Are you retarded ?
  3. By your well thought out response, I see you are. :wink:
  4. Whilst I can see all sorts of obstacles, this is a perfectly reasonable case to argue. It gives Israel an option. Which will it choose?
  5. Gadafi has been knocking this idea of a single state of Isratine for a few years now. Each time he raises it, his fellow Arab leaders look as if they seriously doubt his sanity. They have got a point - he and most of his ideas are barking.
  6. The problem arises when one party has got the till receipt from God-u-Like. A no-brainer really.
  7. Pure fantasy, unviable and senseless.
  8. Lets take two states who have been at war for fifty years and somehow make them form a single peaceful state. That certainly a novel idea. How would this ever work? Peace is an option, but this isn't.
  9. Worked well you lot, didn't it, you thick mick cnut.
  10. What like France and Germany in the EU? Impossible dream...
  11. But surley mr obama hasn't got enough troops for that :lol:
  12. Hamas already wants a one state solution. It will be called Palestine and the jews wil be eradicated.

    Right up your street KevnB - you know being someone who approves of terrorism and mass murder.
  13. Yes, you're right. The situation is identical. The Germans regard themselves as God's chosen people and refuse to accept the other side, whilst the French refuse to believe that the Germans exist and say that they want to eradicate them, right? No, wait...

    I also note that each has its own government, each of which ignores the people to achieve ends that it sees as in their own good. Firstly, thats not anything like the suggestion here. Secondly, watch this space for a massive upheaval in western Europe. So, yes, its an impossible dream.
  14. Coming from a man who is widely regarded even in the socio-political cesspit that is the Arab world as an out-and-out fruitcake, this is double-glazed b*ll*cks.

    I know, why doesn't the 'international community' apply the Northern Ireland 'Peace Process' model to the issue? After all, it worked so well....

  15. But on the other hand the good Colonel is somewhere to the left of the lunatic left wing fringe.

    Since taking over his own country he has destroyed his own oil industry, squandering some of the most valuable assets in the world. Put most of his people into abject poverty. Made government of his country impossible due to the imposition of his own brand of eutopian marxism. Kept power by infiltrating every part of his country with secret police. Turned his country into a pariah state. Sponsored international terrorism. Instigate grandiose schemes which will damage his country's environment for ever. Started preparing for his succession by an unelected replacement. Made the Italian administration of his country look like a golden age.

    You can see why Ashie supports his vision for Israel. A visionary on a par with Lord Mandy and Big G.