One song for your funeral

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Rodger Daltry singing “ giving it all away”

he sung it to 6 of us in the bar at Shepperton Studios when I was “ just a boy” but entering my prime years.
it seems a fitting one to go out on.!


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I've put a bit of thought into my playlist of late. Primus inter pares has to be 'Nisi Dominus - Cum Dederit' by Vivaldi. Part of it is played in Spectre, where Sciarra's widow (Lucia, played by Monica Bellucci) is about to be shot.

Every time I hear it I am reduced to tears; I want the congregation at my demise to be similarly balling their eyes out.

On walking into the service:- " The intro and the outro" By the Bonzo dog doo-dah band.
On walking out of the service:- "Hello i must be going" sung By Groucho Marx. o_O


There is always...

Got into bother a few years back playing it on my Patients Choice Hospital Radio.
Senior bow ties did not think it was funny, but patients and nurses did.
Senior bow tie wrote to the Chairman of Forth Valley Broadcasting about me.
What she forgot was....I was he.
She got a reply (which I still have on a floppy disk!) thanking her for her points of view my Chairman's inbox. The contents were duly noted, and I'd have a word.

Next week just to ram it up her I did this one:
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