One Slipper

I woke up this morning and could only find ONE slipper - after thrashing the wife and daughter it remains unfound.

I can only suspect skulduggery at this point. (course if it was left near one of my socks it could have easily fcuked off on it's own accord).

So if you guys can report in with make & model of your own slippers perhaps we can dispense with waking up the masses for a show parade.

Incidentally - mine are blue plad no rabbits or smiley bears on top and a 5" heel. (Just kidding bout the heel by the way).
I didnt know skulduggery wore slippers,

Taxi !...........

Ps wasnt me I have no need of 'em ;)
OK it was me i came into your house last night when you was asleep.
did your wife have a salty taste in her mouth this morning.
as i tuck the slipper as a trophy.
It must be the wife and duaghter who nicked it and they are secretly laughing at your attempt at a thrashing. Try using a stick I'm sure they will own up.
Busta you twonk . . . don't you remember having that leg off the other day? The drugs are still working and you're woozy after the anaesthetic. Before you put the post up about how you can't stand up straight, hop back into bed and wait for the nurse.
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