Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hard_worker, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Please discuss for an assignment im doing at the moment.
    Should the tri-services algamate and form 1 single force?

    Any book, articles etc that would push me it the right direction would be grateful, thanks.
  2. NO
  3. Hmmm, get all the credit from our forum?? Lazy civvy t0sser. Go away and do some of your own research!

    The answer to your question is "no the services shouldn't amalgamate" now all you need to do is work out why!
  4. Yeah nice one idiot
    Not a civvy loser as you put it thank you very much.
    Ive started the assignment and never been on here before so i thought i'd get the opinion from the guys in the know!!!
    Obviously would be nice to know yr reasons for yr opinions
  5. So you are A sprog rupert then?Go read A fcuking book.
  6. It would be even nicer to know how you intend to reference and attribute the information you'll be getting from an anonymous web forum. Or were you just planning on striding to the front of the class in your sparkly Elvis-suit, shouting, "Me! Me! It was all me! Aren't I clever?!"

    Do your own dirty work, you idle so-and-so. Or better yet, become one of 'the guys in the know' yourself and write the bloody thing using the sweat of your own brow.

    Oh, and the reason for my opinion is that I have to come up with my own ideas myself and don't see why others shouldn't do likewise.
  7. My thoughts about this forum were oh so true, not a sprog or a rupert ta!
    Thanks for all yr help and advice....isnt what this forum is meant to be for, not to sit in yr flea pit of a room slagging people off on the internet all day!!!
  8. (Clearly Not Such A) Hard_Worker - why don't you actually write a draft and then post here for comment?
  9. If you read the question in the first place.....
    Its for an assigment, yes it will be referenced and recognised, and its not my opinion, thats why im asking you guys!!! For and against reasons
  10. Perhaps if you'd offered some level of interpretation, your own opinion, some reasoning and a proposition you may have provoked rather more open discussion then simply asking a question and telling us to "discuss". If you had done some searching on the site as well, then you would have discovered what the general groundswell of opinion is regarding merging regiments and the possibility of combined services.

    If you can't be bothered to put the effort in then don't expect anything more than being told to fcuk off, knobchops.
  11. Thanks, maybe next time i'll think about how i ask things.
    I certainly dont need to prove that ive done my research, i just thought i'd get a general opinion from the lads and lasses on here.
    I take it this sort of thing has been discussed before?
  12. What is it a GCSE assignment? You havent even said at which level and your speeling is shite. Go do some research lazyboy.
  13. I take it you are a total cunt?
  14. Speeling?
    Yeah thanks for that, i didn't come on here to get my spelling and grammar marked did i?
    Probably the worst idea i've had, but thanks for all your input fellas!
  15. No! Fisheads and Crabs suck!