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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billy.winky, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Found on a body-modification forum. Enjoy (not while your eating).DONT HOOP PLS:

    BME: Tell me a little about yourself.
    I’m a fifty year old fag and a real whore for the tops that I worship. I have a preference for sperm, which I love to get from used condoms. I also like to drink nice gobs of spit, and I love to lick and eat hard turds, better yet when mixed with a dash of sperm.

    BME: Tell me about your different body modifications?
    I have a navel piercing and a frenum piercing that I wear a ring in. My breasts are gone, and I have “I LOVE AIDS” and the shape of a high heel branded inside my left thing. I have “PD” branded inside my right thigh. I’m a bit hairy and am sometimes shaved, and as you can see I have a pig face.

    BME: Where does the name “Wandalaput” come from?
    I chose the online pseudonym Wandalaput because I feel like a real whore (“pute”), though I’m not paid for it, and Wanda is the name of a sadist dominatrix I’ve played with a lot. So the name “Wanda La Pute” suited me well. I love suffering in order to make people cum, and I would love to show the world that real perverted masochistic wastes like me exist — we’re not just dreams.

    BME: What were your first sexual experiences?
    The first time I was fucked in the ass I was eight, in boarding school — almost immediately my biggest pleasure was to be a slave. I loved having my little schoolmates stamping on me, and especially licking their feet. Later I found out I enjoyed sucking cock, and even more, licking girls’ shoes and hurting myself with the spiked heels.
    It was about twenty years ago that I really found what I wanted: to be a garbage, a public washroom, a toy for the most extreme sadists. Nothing can stop me — I want to degrade myself and eat human waste, especially men’s shit... it makes me cum. I love receiving mutilation orders, being humiliated, insulted and hurt, and then taking pictures and making videos to show everything I did. It is so good to think that perverts are masturbating while looking at my pictures and videos.

    BME: Tell me more about your boarding school experiences — were you abused?
    When I was in early boarding school I found two school mates jerking off together. I wanted to look a bit closer, and the strongest one got me on the ground by pressing hard on my belly with one foot, and putting the other foot in my mouth, while still stroking his friend’s cock. He insulted me, and invited his friend to do the same. The smell of dirty feet excited me and I let them continue. It was amazing to be used as a mat. In a boarding school where a lot of kids were homosexual, it wasn’t long before everybody knew there was a slut at their service.
    What I liked most of all was being used as garbage while we were hidden in the church. I loved to lick my schoolmates’ feet while masturbating there. The excitement was even greater when many of them gathered to insult me. There, in church, is where I found out the joys of self-abuse.
    In reality nobody “abused” me — I actually believe I’ve always enjoyed filthy love. As a child I loved sniffing and licking dirty underpants and any shoes I could find. When I was still very young I decided that my life would be a journey of bondage until the very end. I’ve always loved spike heels, because they are a symbol of the phallus, and also a symbol of the needle — both symbols of the depravity that lets me get mutilated, that lets me get down on the ground to be stamped on like a worm. If the shoes are dirty I’m in heaven. I also love wearing heels to really show I’m a slut without any dignity, and I love getting penetrated with them.

    BME: What kind of sex acts do you enjoy?
    I’m a real crap that needs to get fucked hard, and I’m looking to get impregnated with AIDS. I’ll suck your dick and drain out your balls, without a condom. The only time I like condoms is when they’re used and full of the sperm of strangers, which I empty into my mouth or inject into myself. I get fucked up the ass and I’ll suck any dirty dick.
    With me you’ll cum hard because I don’t just suck hard, but I also swallow your cum, lick your dirty and unclean feet, and you can insult me, hit me, torture me, mutilate me, show me off, sell me, and keep the money. I know I’ve already made a lot of men cum while they were fucking me. The more excited I can get you, the more sperm you’ll make for me... yum!

    BME: What is it about filth that does it?
    It’s a big part of my worm and slave condition — I only permit myself to have contact with everything excreted by a man... his sperm, his spit, sweat, dirt from his feet, piss, and vomit. I love the role of garbage or toilet. I love to be treated as a shit and as a doormat. That’s why I also like to mutilate and torture myself.
    I love used condoms with the taste and smell of sperm. I’ll swallow the contents of more than thirty condoms, one after the other, while I’m masturbating.

    BME: Are the condoms in your pictures really full of strangers’ sperm?
    What you see in the pictures is real unknown sperm — it’s not faked. Those condoms mostly come from the garbage of street prostitutes. I know one of them, who enjoys what I do and keeps them for me, taking care to not lose any of the content.

    BME: Tell me about your interest in AIDS.
    I am not HIV+ yet, but I want to be at any price. What could be better for a masochist like me than to achieve the mark of degradation of getting AIDS, which I worship? I want it desperately — I want my body to experience the same decay that I have in my mind... Just the idea of being impregnated with AIDS makes me very excited.
    I am not like all those dreamers who post hard ads only when they want to wank. I’m a real pig at the service of vice. I love HIV and all sexually transmitted diseases, and I actually want to die this way — it would be the fulfillment of my life as a crap and I really want it. I accept everything, so don’t be shy — take advantage of it. It’s not everyday that you can use a garbage like me for free.
    Wandalaput is a toy for very hard sadists.

    BME: You really want to get AIDS that badly?
    I am ready to pay for my AIDS impregnation, upon the presentation of an HIV+ status, proving that you are in fact infected. I’ll pay you either directly, or you can prostitute me and keep the profits. I also eat the shit of AIDS infected people, directly from their diapers, which I get from Rochefort Hospital’s terminal patients wing.
    I also like to steal HIV+ patients’ shoes to lick the treads and mutilate myself with them... it’s really exciting.

    BME: Are you sure this isn’t pushing the fantasy too far? Do you really want to die?
    As I said, AIDS is the achievement of the worm life that I desire — I really do want to get impregnated with the virus. Externally I’m a real garbage who loves to get excited with the waste of men’s bodies which I worship (urine, shit, spits, sweat, barf, and of course sperm — in quantity), and I want to get AIDS, to have inside me this pleasure of being contaminated with the most beautiful man-waste. I don’t want to die per se, but of course I know I will die from it, and this will be my best achievement as a masochist. To live as long as possible with this in me, I’ll be an accomplished crap. I only want AIDS for me alone and I don’t want to give it to other people, although I would share it with other people like me.

    BME: But... death?
    For me, death means nothing. If I die from AIDS I would have accomplished my slut role until the end and I would be proud of it.

    BME: Are pain and pleasure the same thing? Death as the fulfillment of life?
    For me pain and pleasure go together. I love to mutilate myself a lot while I masturbate — I cum the most when I’m torturing myself on the orders of a sadist, or better yet when the sadist tortures me himself. Even better, I love it when he’s excited about the torture and the wounds he’s inflicted on me and comes on my injures — inside I feel a huge excitement and joy when this happens.

    BME: Tell me about the damage to your chest? It looks quite intense.
    My chest is a love story for a very sadistic couple — the woman dreamed about mutilating a man’s nipples. She was was gorgeous, and had razor-sharp high heels. She started jabbing needles into my nipples, using her heels as a hammer. Sometimes she would slip on purpose and stamp on my nipples. Her husband gave me Xylocaine injections, and Wanda, my dominatrix, started hitting my chest more and more. We were all very excited. Her husband fucked me in the ass and jerked me off, until Wanda literally cut my nipples off with a knife. I really loved that — even if I had to stay at the hospital for three weeks!
    Ever since that night I worship high heels, and I always keep my toenails very long and varnished, as a tribute to Wanda and all the real sadists I worship.
    I also spent ten years injecting paraffin oil into my breasts which forced me to get them totally removed. It’s a good thing though because now I can mutilate this part of my body in a much more extreme way, which gets the dominants very excited.
    I’m a real whore, garbage, and proud of it.

    BME: Where do you get the high heels you play with?
    They’re the shoes of my friend, a prostitute who spends her days walking on old condoms.
    BME: You said you used to love fucking in the church at school... Tell me about your religious views.
    I worship the Antichrist, and I really like getting fucked and sucking dicks in sacred sites. It’s awesome to get fucked in a cemetery by a sadist, and I love to be mutilated there. If you’re a necrophile or Satanist and like to fuck in a church or a cemetary, call me! We’ll cum together, and with love I’ll drink your semen.
    I love the Antichrist, Satanism, blasphemy, and necrophilic excitement. It is so good to masturbate in a church or on a coffin. My dream is to suck a corpse’s cock and get fisted with one of his feet. It’s also very exciting to get fucked with a crucifix. Sometimes at night I put on a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and high heels — nothing else — and then go into cemeteries to lie down on cold gravestones and masturbate slowly. I must admit those are really exciting moments, and it’s in a cemetery, in feminine panties, on all fours on a gravestone, that I would like to be sodomized by an HIV positive man and get AIDS...
    But I worry this is just a dream.

    BME: What kind of guys do you like?
    I’ll get fucked by anybody, no matter what his race, his height, or the size of his cock. I prefer filthy men, but I’ll take everything that comes to me... I am a real crap.

    BME: I’ve got to ask you one more time — is this really real? Or are you pulling my leg?
    Everything you see and everything I do is real. I’m truly, extremely gay, although I do like women in certain situations, if they’re extremely sadistic dominants willing to torture me with their heels and let me lick their feet. I love all men’s shit... I realize that my sex life is extreme, but what I do is real, even though most of what you see on the Internet is just fantasy.
    True sadists, please contact me
  2. WTF were you looking for when you came across that?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Does this really need to be posted here? taking about drinking sperm and licking turds? It's not the fcuking AGC (or Crabs for that matter) for christs sake...
  4. Could a Mod move this thread to Cookery please.
  5. You "Just happened across this" of course?
  6. MDNs diary?
  7. Is this taken from that RAF Science Fiction website?
  8. Does remind me of a time i went to a massage parlour and was enjoying a post cotial chat with the lady, and she happened to mention did I mind if the candom i'd just filled was used for a client later.
    Turns out she did a turn as a dom and wanted said client to drink out of all the condoms that day.
    I didnt mind I'd finnished with it anyway!

    Point being it's probablly more common than you'd imagine.

    As is all the other weird and wonderfull fetishes. Never look a another man's porn collection is all I would say.
  9. Lorne Spicer, I think.
  10. Re bold - either that or she's fitted you up as prime suspect for the killing of one of her pimp-murdered colleagues!...

    ...Lets hope they don't find that body. :lol:


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  11. Isn't that an extract from Jackanory circa '92?
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Have you got the original link? Actually have you got this dudes number?
  13. And that your honour is why my my DNA was there, Yes I can see they wouldn't fall for that! :cry:
  14. Now now Ravers we all know you were in the Navy, but come on! :D