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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    And another for those sponging, spineless snout-in-trough wasters in Westminster:

    A good day to announce an expenses cover-up

    Remember the clampdown on MPs expenses which was promised after it emerged Derek Conway was paying his sons to work for him? Full transparency and an end to the John Lewis list? Well a year later, and on a busy newsday, Harriet Harman has announced the watering down almost all the restrictions.

    According to a document unveiled with no fanfare on the same day as the Heathrow announcement, the House is preparing to block the publication of all receipts for MPs expenses, which had been ordered by an Information Tribunal.

    See the results here.

    We had been expecting the results of this massive FOI exercise, involving the release of 1 million pieces of paper, by the Summer. It will now be canned in favour of the release of a spreadsheet with 26 headings, which gives a fraction of the information otherwise available. Under the new expenses rules published today, MPs will be also allowed:

    ** To buy "White goods": electrical equipment, sofas, chairs, tables, decoration, cleaning, insurance and security to be bought on expenses. This is limited to 10 per cent of the allowance (probably around £20,000) excet during the first year a Member is newly elected.

    ** Public money will be allowed on spent on MPs' mortgage costs for "refurbishment"

    ** A flat-rate £25 per day may be claimed when a "Member spends a night away from his or her main home on Parliamentary business". Which will be most of the time.

    ** No receipts to be submitted for items costing under £25. "It has been argued that it would be excessively burdensome for Members to have provided receipts for all transactions and that additional costs incurred.. would be likely disproportionate."

    ** There will be no minimum number of MPs whose expenses will face audit. Instead there will be checks on "an appropriate, risk-base sampling regime".

    A victory for those who wanted minimal change, but there will be questions from those who have maintained that MPs cannot regulate themselves.

    If I tried that with my company, the accountants would throw my accounts in the bin and HMRC would have me up in court like a flash.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Are you surprised? Come on, are you REALLY surprised?

    It was going to go this way from the outset. These 'Honourable MPs' write the rules, or laws - we grant them a mandate to make up the rules as they go along, and nobody should be surprised when they do exactly that.

    It has been suggested that they are corrupt, greedy, trough guzzling swine of the worst kind, akin (it is said) to ZANU PF in Zimbabwe, but worse. I won't make any such observations, and nor will I call them names either, as it's not funny.
  3. Are the opposition parties protesting long and hard yet?
  4. And is anyine even slightly surprised?
    The rest of us out in the real world are busily trying to earn a living whilst footing the bill for this bunch of wasters to live a life of luxury.
    Yet more proff that our politicians only interests are in serving themselves. It doesn't matter how many hundreds of thousands loose their jobs or how ordinary people suffer from excess taxation and government mis-managment, the thieving scum in Parliament will still get their expenses.
    They aren't even bloody embarrased about it.
  5. Why would they?
    They are all only interested in keeping themselves in luxury at the public's expense.
  6. Perhaps we should offer them JPA?????????
  7. What an absolute disgrace. When will MPs realise that they are public servants, paid for by taxpayers, and therefore accountable to each and every taxpayer in the land? I can't think of any other branch of the public sector (or the private sector) that allows expenses to be claimed with so few safeguards against fraud.

    Let me guess who could possibly have been the major driving force behind the watering-down of the original proposal: Has to be someone who has all his trotters and his entire snout in the trough. Could it be Gorbals Mick, by any chance?

    How many more abuses of the system will it take until they adopt one that is entirely transparent?
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    They are comfortably insured against the effects of any recession they create, so, what do they care?
  9. We all just need to remind them of all this when they come knocking for our vote.
  10. Maybe if we had'nt sold Chelsea Bks, but slapped a bit of paint on it and turned it into a 'Mess' for the MPs. They would then have somewhere to live whilst carrying out their elected duties.

    Government in the Officers, Opposition in the Sgts and everyone else in the block - although we might be able to give them their own rooms.

    There is everything there they need including feeding and recreational facilities.

    See how that bunch like living in the way the much referred to 'our boys' do. £9000 allowance for a kitchen in their SECOND home; christ on a bike - that would put showers in all the SFA on my road (no we don't all have one fitted as standard despite this being 2009)!

    edited for spooling
  11. They just don't care - is their an honest politician among them ?? Why don't the Tories rock the boat - they are all rich !!
  12. Unfortunatley that won't work.
    You see, who ever you vote for they will do exactly the same. They are all cut from the same cloth these thieving cnuts in Parliament
  13. They've always f ucked us over- always have, always will, nothing will ever change. :x
  14. A very good idea, 'loggie !!
  15. Ministers are poised to exempt all MPs and peers from having to publish details of their expenses, only weeks before MPs were due to be forced to disclose more than 1.2 million receipts covering claims for the last three years.

    The move next week will allow parliament to nullify all the long-fought victories by campaigners and journalists to force MPs to publish details of all their individual receipts for their second homes, including details of what they spent on furnishings, maintenance, rent, mortgage payments, staffing, travel, office staffing and equipment.

    The changes will be retrospective and all pending requests for more information under the Freedom of Information Act will be blocked.

    The proposed changes were contained in a parliamentary order released at the same time as the government announced proposals to build a third Heathrow runway, compensate policyholders at Equitable Life and MPs debated the crisis in Gaza.

    in full