One rule for them

Check out Private Eye. This SOAB is in it every week. I will say one thing though - he doesn't embarrass easily - in fact he doesn't embarrass at fecking all :( :(
"In the past six months, he has spent £1,651.56 on meals."

FFS where are we making the knights of the realm entertain? McDonalds? I hope he doesn't take me out for lunch.
SO3Paperclips said:
"In the past six months, he has spent £1,651.56 on meals."

FFS where are we making the knights of the realm entertain? McDonalds? I hope he doesn't take me out for lunch.
What it doesn't tell you is that he has eaten his way through other peoples expense accounts like acid through bog paper. He might take you to MacccieD's but he ain't roughing it there with the plebs.
The funny thing about this story are the three MPs moaning about the outrageous sum of £365k Bourn has claimed over the last three years.

If you see what THEY'VE claimed in comparison:

Kevan Jones - £393,885
Norman Lamb - £391,375
Lee Scott - £109,880 (only 1 year available)

Not forgetting the fact that, unlike our glorious MPs, we've been allowed to see how and where Sir John Bourn spent our money.
He's an Ex MOD civil Servant too... who'd have thought anyone who once worked in the MOD would waste our scant national resources on such frivolous pastimes eh lads and lasses?

It just underlines the fact that the whole system is incestuous in it's corruption.

Once more my flabber is well and truly ghasted.

Why can't Values and standards apply to politicians and civil servants too?


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As a counterpoint...
Perhaps he is using the allowances available to him in order to prevent the erosion of terms and conditions of service? After all, isn't this the best way to protect them?
Good God. Does no one in Government have any shame. It should be illegal for these trough swillers to be entertained by any company that they might end up investigating or criticising. And why take his wife at public expense?
This is the typical entitlement complex of an arrogant(and probably corrupt) senior civil servant.

Civil servants and politicians excel in the only thing they are expert in-feathering their own nests.

Is Britian one of the most corrupt countries in the world?.
They wonder why we have no faith in the system.. Fuggin to$s pots... Why Fug is his wife with him, just to gloat at us I assume
So £500 for an evening meal for 4. My JPA account doesn't seem to allow claims for £125 per day for meals. Should I refer them to my RAO?
turms-r-us said:,,2188402,00.html

Any body had trouble getting a hire car or a train ticket. This'll make you laugh.
It does indeed make me laugh. Poor little lamb. Curious as to know why he had to a. travel with his wife and b. travel at all.

I feel no shame in putting in a monthly expense account for 25,000 GBP provided that I have generated much greater savings/profits for my client (record month is 38k, but that did include 1 trip to Seattle and 2 to Korea).

As the "Savings" of 13billion odd quid trumpeted by Liarbour today have been rubbished as false, I fail to see where this chap is providing value.
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