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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. Fcuking disgusting isn't...

    But the police chief cuntstables know which side their bread is buttered, and it isn't on the side of us mere tax revenue producers.

    Given the combined wedge of the bliars they can afford their own security surely?
  3. I personally think that if Mr and Mrs Blair want 24/7 armed-police-protection, They should have to pay for it themselves .
    Why should the tax payers pay for it .
    And When have the British people been asked if we have requested that we want Mr Blair to represent the u.k. in Europe and to become the first president of the EU.
  4. little off topic, but true.

    If they didnt need protecting before, they will now! £500.000 is an astonishing amount of money from the pockets of those who are trying to kill them in the first place.

  5. There is no point saying 'come the revolution', it has come.

    Laws for us the tax-payers and exemptions (Harman, Scotland) and unlimited allowances and expense for them - the facile and stupid gang of non-entities elected thrice by lame-brain, benefit guzzling, semi-literate oafs. Before some prat says: 'I have an Oxford degree and I voted Labour', the response is:

    'You should have known better'.
  6. So killing them would be a service to the taxpayer, thoughtfull.
  7. I see where your going with this >>>>>>> lines up cross hairs......say no more :wink:
  8. Sorry to upset you all but DPG work is funded from a seperate budget to the rest of the MPS and its officers are part of a seperate establishment. If anything London gains because it means it gets several hundred more cops than it would otherwise be entitled to, most of them on the streets being "visible".

  9. Spoil your fun why dont you?>>>>> Unloads rifle! Harumph
  10. God no! being a door post guard would bore me stupid, but if 1) you like Overtime or 2) are looking for away into CP work or CO19 it would appear to be the way forward. They are always desperatly short of people BTW.

  11. They've also had parking banned outside their gaff and the neighbours are pissed off that them and their visitors have to run a gauntlet of 'what are you doing here' in their own street. Google Earth have also been made to take their abode off their system too.
  14. tbh, i think that if blair does become the unelected 'president' of europe, there should be a discussion about the nature of democracy and whether an unelected president 'aka dictator' is a legitimate target for assasination.

    If we don't have democratic rule, we are ruled by force, and have the moral right to respond in kind.

  15. How about we have a gladiators style gameshow to decide