One Rule For All ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by toffeewrapper1, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Girl, 15, arrested over 'Facebook Koran burning video'
    and then you have this
    Hopkins chairs Islamophobia group (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus)

    Its ok for them to do what the hell they like but God forbid anyone "non ethnic" steps out of line the full force of the law descends on them.What would happen if I attempted to form a TW1 GROUP AGAINST ASIANS SHOUTING AT TROOPS,would I get quango status.Rant over and by the way I am not a racist,I'm just sick of this (and previous )Governments kowtowing to the "minorities.
  2. Don't tell the coppers but I've just put my womans weekly on the fire.
  3. Well you can't have anyone mocking a stupid fucking sky-pixie belief can you?
  4. A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English language version of the Koran.

    Because what she did was against the law??
    I dont see the problem?
  5. That its a shit law?
    Whats special about a fictional book? Do Jedis have a right to complain if I set fire to a set of Star Wars DVDs?
  6. yes its a shit law but its still a law, she knew it was wrong and did it anyway and not only did it but filmed herself doing at at then put it up for public broadcast
  7. Just don't take pictures or you'll have R2D2 malfunctioning and the coppers will be after you.
  8. As long as it applies to anyone burning any holy book, not just to people burning the Koran, all is well. I hope a Muslim gets arrested for burning a Bible very soon, ideally this evening, or we'll have InBritishSherryVeritas crayoning his outrage all over these pages for the next couple of days.
  9. I didnt say she should be running for MENSA, but its still a wank law that needs to be changed.
  10. The Muslims should be allowed to burn a bible, its only a book.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No. But come after you while you sleep we will.
  12. Oh bollocks, I've just shredded my back copies of Pidgeon Fanciers Weekly. The Jack Duckworths of this world will be after me now.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Next week I shall torch my collection of Stationary Engine magazines. In protest at the price of a 16hp Tangye hot bulb engine. Three fucking grand? You are 'avin a larf aint you? Opressors of Ethnic Engine Minorities. Besides, I have CCTV evidence that you were responsible for the chemical spill at the orphanage.
  14. Of course you can`t see the problem. That`s because knobheads like you are the problem. Please tell me your comment was just a feeble attempt at humour.

    Of course you can`t see the problem, because knobheads like you are the problem.