ONE POT cooking

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by The_Rattler, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. One Pot cooking, this is where all cooking is done in one POT (wife will be pleased) as less washing up for her.

    PLOV (comes from Uzbekistan)

    500gm’s of cut chicken (breast is best)
    250gms of chopped carrots (cut like match sticks)
    250gms of Onions (chopped as normal)
    300gms of Rice
    1 x garlic (peeled and trimmed etc)
    Some cooking oil and salt
    Chicken stock (optional but around 1pint or 1pint and a half

    Add the chicken to a pot (non stick if possible) to hot oil
    Cook the chicken till starting to go brown, then add carrots and onions, turn heat down and cook for a further 5-10mins

    In the mean time wash and soak the rice for around 5-10 mins

    Once the above has cooked off add the rice and Garlic and chicken stock, cook on a low heat till the stock has been absorbed into the meal (approx 30-40mins cooking on a very low heat) repeat Low Heat

    Then serve with some soya sauce
  2. Just my opinion...but sounds very make it interesting..

    I'd add a bit of chopped green chillies towards the end.

    Similarly you can add some coriander, red chili powder, some red beans, a bay leaf and top it of with glazed crunchy onions.

    To make glazed crunchy onions; slice you onions as normal.. take a frying pan. wet it with oil. put onions in and fry it at a very low fire..keep steering until it browns into a biscuity crunchy dark brown.

    once the dish has been served sprinkle the onions on top.

    and there you go a dish that is full of flavour!
    maybe not what the Uzbecks were going for but hey why dont you give it a try, if you want, and let me know..
  3. I agree you could add something if you want, then again try it one day and you might be surprised
  4. I don't mind the same taste all the way through something - if you only eat when you should eat, rather than when you could eat, then you are less fussy.

    A variation on one pot cooking is to have some "base" (like meat in tomato and garlic, tinned fish in a sauce, chicken in red wine sauce) in the fridge in quantity. Cook the carbohydrate and veg in one pot (I've got one with a steamer on the top for the veggies) and then, when they are cooked, put them on plates/bowls and blast the meaty base on full power in the pot you've just emptied.

    Stock is vital for one pot, I think. There's a high quality powdered vegetable stock (the name escapes me) which comes highly recommended, and doesn't have shitty hydrogeneated fats in it.
  5. That would be Swiss vegetable Bouillon by Marigold - it's good stuff, but quite pricey.
  6. whats all this talk of hydrogenated fats ,carbohydrates etc, whack it all in, and scoff it down! lol any "all in" needs to be cooked thoroughly, left a day or two to congeal and flavours to improve then is best served old style with a couple of slices of bread !!! and you all know its true'
  7. Did you know (Michael Caine voice) that in some countries hydrogenated fats are totally banned? Not a lot of people know that. They asked a health scientist on Radio 4 (leading researcher) what's the safe limit for consuming these fats? He said, "Zero. Nobody should eat any of this".

    In fact lard, butter etc raises your harmful cholesterol levels, but these are loads better than hydrogenated. The correlation between consumption of hydrogenated and heart attacks is an incredibly good one.

    Re the bouillon, yup the Marigold stuff. I'm too mean, though. I use dollops of Asda yeast extract. Just the right amount and it's fine, too much and everything tastes like Bovril.