One piece of advice regarding the 1.5 mile run at ADSC.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello, hello.

    I've got a small piece of advice for you lot who're still waiting to go to selection. When I done my run, I think it was most likely the fact I'm not used to so little sleep and was a little exhausted or something. On Sunday night I hardly slept and had to be up at the crack of dawn to get the train, and Monday night wasn't much better. Anyway, beforehand I'd been doing the run in or around nine and a half minutes on a regular basis, but for some reason when I done the run at ADSC I got ten minutes twenty four! I'm assuming there's some saying like "Nervousness or Stress makes you use energy" or some sh_t, or maybe I was just a little exhausted. Anyway my advice is, either get ALOT of rest the day before you do your selection, don't do nothing, I took my nephew to see the Ark Royal which probably didn't help, standing queuing for hours. Probably would have been a better idea to be lying in bed with my feet up watching Big Brother Live or something. So.. have as much rest as you can beforehand and also if you're doing the run like.. just within the limit I'd be a little worried haha.
  2. Wah.
  3. DaPs, when you were born the doctor screamed "WAHHHHH!!!"
  4. excuses excuses, tut, tut :p But seriously, I wouldn't think standing in a que could drastically affect your run time.
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  5. Nah, you're just weak.
  6. As usual, Jensen is dribbling out utter sh*te.
  7. Thanks jensen mate, remember when you were a right knob when you first came onto this site but you have turned out okay :p
  8. WAH!
  9. Standing in a queue? Mate, the day before I did my pre-ADSC run I went hunting in the fields around my house for about 6 hours.
  10. Were you hunting for WAH!?
  11. Jensen stand up and grow a pair. You think that when you get bumped by the enemy at 0600 their going to ask you how much sleep you got the night before so as to give you a head start............Try running it having had no sleep and with a screaming hangover then maybe, just maybe we'll put up with your whinging...
  12. Hello, hello Jensen,
    I've also got a small piece of advice,and that is keep your advice to yourself.
    I would not dream of giving advice with a time like yours. It never amazes to cease ( 8) ) me when i hear the excuses people give for not getting good times for such a simple run.
    Lack of sleep,didn't get a goodnight kiss off mummy,my training shoes give me blisters,played too much PS3 or my best friends dog died last week are not excuses.
    Hope this advice helps you further, and how was the Ark Royal by the way ??????????