One Officer for every soldier?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldbaldy, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. oldbaldy

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  2. msr

    msr LE

    Those are the figures on paper and I believe they are from 2005.

    How many of them have actually trained in the last 3 months?

    It also ignores the fact that Medical units are very 'Officer heavy'.

    Watch this space.... I hope to be able to update this graph very shortly, courtesy of the FoI Act.


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  3. Well, where the fuck are they? They're not on the books of my Regt.
  4. well my Regt has 1 2LT and 3 LT's (plus one deployed) so they aint hanging about our place
  5. The article ignores the obvious fact that if a troop,company or regiment is grossly undermanned it still needs tha same number of officers. A company of 20 men still needs an OC etc. The answer isn't to dispose of officers but to make the TA more attractive to ORs so that enlistment and retention improve.
  6. do thoughs figures include the officers that have sacked it and are now on the TARO who have no training commitment or unit
  7. that's nothing we had about 3000 WO2/1's on our annual camp - America brings out EVERYONE!
  8. Playing with numbers then if each LT they have led a platoon of 25 there would be enough to lose 28,750 ORs somewhere on STANTA. Obviously you'd need to factor in a few captains as specialist platoon commanders, but the bottom end of the command chain seems a little undermanned if anything.

    The number of Majors and above seems nuts though. These have to be old soaks kicking about for just the mess fuctions I would think. At least with the TA they only get paid for the days they actually train (or am I naive...?). That sort of data would make much more sense of the figures I would imagine to see what active command structure there was.
  9. Think this may be partially due to the TA medical units who are traditionally very officer heavy, though this is (very) slowly starting to change as they don't commission nurses automatically now.
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Further still, dos it include Type B Officers who are with the ACF or are NRPS?
  11. It's more that people tend to stay in the TA once they're in; those figures ignore the Watchkeeper pools, UOTCs, Regional Training Centres, FTRS, Staff jobs (by the time you've got the courses and experience to be useful, you're probably a Captain at least).

    Nope, you only get paid for when you turn up. :) And as a Major, it's slightly more difficult to hang around the QM's store drinking coffee :) Truth be told, the TA gets a lot of unpaid work out of its people - anyone who believes that all the paperwork gets done on paid time is delusional.
  12. And OTC's, your average will have about 12+ subbies?
  13. Just the Treasury/ MOD softening up the media for a new round of cuts.

    As others have noted, this is more a reflection on OR undermanning than Officer over manning.

    Also agree, where are all these Officers???????
  14. a quote paraphrased from something he read on ARRSE yesterday....

    i.e. something he read on ARRSE yesterday....
  15. It is indeed difficult to hang about as a Major drinking coffee. There is also a limited amount of time you can spend arguing with PSIs over what training you want to do versus what they are prepared to organise/the unit can support! However there is a constant shortfall in the Regular Army of SQ or at least staff capable officers to fulfill the dull SO2 jobs that make regular officers sign off if appointed to them. As a result there is a clear need to maintain the supply of Capt/Majors for those rank ranged SO2/Watchkeeper type jobs for ops.