One off the wrist therapy


I can feel a funny turn coming on!



I'd have a cheeky **** over her... long as there was a brown paper bag over her head.
Me too!


I haven't got a therapist. If I needed one, though, the OP bird would do just fine. I'm sure she's a great listener. She's certainly providing ocular therapy. And if her bedside manner involves a striptease then so much the better.

Excuse me; I have to go and deepen my acquire a porn addiction now...
I'd have a cheeky **** over her... long as there was a brown paper bag over her head.
Paper bag? Physiognomy seems spot on to me, Ritch.....although I do detect a 0.85 stigma in the left eye, 170.0 axis, if I'm not mistaken. Assuming she objects to same restrictive headgear, please assure her that I do not suffer from your peculiarly exacting standards.
Your therapist details to my PM

(Claus that is)
Moe Szyslak look alike who figures that my anger management must be working because I only attack him with sarcasm now instead of the furniture, water cooler, his wife's dog et al....and I'm up to date with the bill.:twisted:
Seriously though, I haven't straight armed anyone for over a year now and avoid driving as much as is possible.

Black Sheep

Since when is porn addiction a problem? Those addicted to porn need no more therapy than that offered by this kind and helpful young lady.

If porn addiction was a real addiction, you would be able to get help on the NHS. And despite demanding the nurses at my local practice assist me, they refuse.


War Hero
Looking at that 3rd pic, she might need a few visits to a chip shop. You could play a tune on that rib cage.

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