One Off - 50% Discount on Regimental/Tour T-Shirts

We're looking at working with a company that produces printed and embroidered t-shirts, etc with the usual array of cap badges, tour logos, etc. As part of this we're hoping to generate some high quality imagery and a testimonial for a genuine order.

The company ( are therefore offering the opportunity for one lucky guy to place an order with them at a 50% discount (i.e cost!) on the proviso that they provide a testimonial that we can use as part of a case study.

You can see the sort of stuff they do and use their very clever web site to design your own starting at the link below:

If you're interested in taking part in this, want the 50% discount, are willing to write a brief testimonial and will let us use the finished item for marketing then drop me a PM!



Kit Reviewer
Maybe, as long as they can sort their spelling out!
So long as they can copy my spelling I don't mind!
Hmm, fair point on the spelling although I think we're into pedant territory here. That web site is a bit of a draft so isn't really live yet!

Forgot to mention that we're after a reasonable order size as well of say 10+ and they have to be military so thanks to the guys who were after civvy ones. I have however asked if they'd do a discount for ARRSE users although I don't think it will be 50%!


I had a look at the website to see if it would be any use for our battlefield tours. Unfortunately we prefer stitched logos over printed and the most popular item over the last few has been a half sleeve rugby, which they don't have.
So much much cop just now I'm afraid.

spelling now fixed but standby for a whole new and better landing page to go live in the next week or so.
Also, all regimental cap badges will be available for embroidery soon and we have added some rugby shirts for Oldbaldy.


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