One of "Them" arrested in Zimbabwe?

Any one with inside info? I get the idea it'll come as a bit of a shock to the poor bugger when he finds out he's one of Them.

The Zimbabwe Herald, of course, being one of Mad Bob's mouthpieces in that it spews the same paranoid drivel he does.... :roll:

MDC’s pilot still under investigation

Herald Reporters

Police are still investigating the MDC Tsvangirai faction’s pilot Brendon Douglas Bridge alias Brenton Bridge Smyth who was arrested in Harare this week after he attempted to fly Morgan Tsvangirai in his helicopter without filing a proper flight plan with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

Although police were mum on the investigations, Brendon Douglas Bridge alias Brenton Bridge Smyth was still in custody yesterday as the probe into is activities continued.

His arrest could provide details of how the MDC's election campaign is being funded by foreigners in contravention of the Political Parties (Finance Act), security sources have said.

The pilot, who was in possession of British and South African passports bearing different names, was arrested after security details were alerted to the fact that he wanted to fly without a proper flight plan.

The helicopter is now under police guard at Charles Prince Airport just outside Harare.

It is believed that the pilot used to work for the British Special Air Services and was hired and paid by foreigners involved in Tsvangirai's election campaign including a former British soldier working in Zimbabwe.

Mr Roy Bennet, the self-exiled treasurer-general in Tsvangirai's faction now based in South Africa, is also understood to have paid for 2 420 litres of fuel to be used during the operation.

The pilot has a South African passport in which he gives his name as Brendon Douglas Bridge, which he used to try and file a flight plan with CAAZ, while his British passport names him as Brenton Bridge Smyth.

On the day he was arrested, he had been ferried to Charles Prince Airport by Mr Maxwell Daniel, a Scot by birth who served as a member of the British Marines and claims to have been in the Police Constabulary from 1984 to 2000.

Mr Daniel's role in the election campaign, coupled with the pilot's suspected intelligence links, is said to have alerted security services to the likely existence of a well co-ordinated British plot to fund the MDC campaign.

Others arrested that day were Jameson Timba, an MDC-Tsvangirai House of Assembly candidate in Mt Pleasant and his campaign manager Garikai Tshuma, a fourth year University of Zimbabwe student.