One of Them accused of Rape

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Strange trade for someone in the SAS
  2. If true, dirty cunt deserves allthat he gets. What's being in the SAS got to do with it?
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Is the clue 'with' rather than 'in' so as to achieve maximum journalistic effect?
  4. I know what it means normally, but I just couldnt believe the Daily Mail would make up a story.
  5. Hardcore. 10 letters
  6. It would be intresting to know the 'with' vs 'in' and if any creative scribbling going on from the Mails part.

    Having said that I've seen three people I knew go down for kiddie porn/fiddling charges and I would never have believed it of any of them in advance. I even had trouble accepting it when I and a colleague discovered first hand evidence on one of them and had to blow the whistle. All three had been vetted/checked as their jobs put them in contact/supervision of kids. Just means they hid it well.

    I've also seen a decent man have his life practicaly destroyed by a false accusation done because some scrote had a petty argument....hopefully truth willl out.
  7. If he's innocent I hope he gets the same publicity as the article reporting the charge. If guilty, then it's up in the next Herc for HALO without a 'chute.
  8. I've also seen this happen, the scrote journo publicised the case, he was found not guilty but by the time his ex wife found out he was banned from seeing his kids, the report was sent to his employer who promptly got rid of him and he had the usual bunch of chavvos putting his windows in. All because someone had a grudge on him.
  9. All the more reason why names should be kept under wraps unless found guilty.
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  10. I knew a lad who they started to say "He'd interfered with someone's 15 years old sister", just to get everybody to hate him. By the time they tourtured and murdered him (Including severing his spinal cord with a chisel) no-one gave a fuck about him. No evidence to say he did it, just a grudge.
  11. Theres a huge controversy over whether those accused of rape should be named pre-sentence when of course the victim has total anonimity - to make it fair, bearing in mind rape is perhaps the most personlaised crime possible, BOTH parties should be anonymous until a senetence of guilty is reached. At that point throw the guilty perverted bastard to the wolves. Just my opinion but seems a pretty obvious solution given the fact that many accusations turn out to be vindictive ones. The fact he once dated a girl who shagged a bloke whos brothers cousin once lived next door to someone in the SAS is immaterial - typical tabloid titillation
  12. Liar liar pants on fire.

  13. I agree with the anonymity for both parties involved until a positive conviction, to be accused of such a crime means mud gonna stick even if found not guilty, look at the amount of high profile "celebrities" accused of rape without conviction or thrown out of court for lack of evidence Mick Hucknall, Paul Weller and John Leslie all accused all found innocent but the fact they were named will always be with them.
    Its too easy for someone with a grudge to ruin someones life this way, and I think the anonymous option is the only fair way to go.
  14. December 2010, both lads that did it got recommendations for 25 years, his GIRLFRIEND that started it all got 4 years, with a couple of others.