One of the s#!ts is going down!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. :twisted:

  2. Maybe not actually going down for crime but possibly for going down in the knickers area. Tommy Sheridan, the orange coloured head of the 'Social Security Party' at the Millionaires Palace has resigned on ostensibly the old story of more time with his family. Quite a bit in the papers however from a bint who claims to have been one of 4 in a bed with Tango Man.
  3. Isn't Watson the tosser resposible for the Scottish Hunting ban?
  4. Blandensburg asked:

    Yes he is. Up to no good there but cleared by one of those internal inquiries that his ilk complain about when it's someone else getting 'cleared' by their associates. Lord (sic) Watson's I love me site.

    About the fire.

    Big boys did it and ran away.

    If he is guilty, I hope he goes down. If so, like Jeffery Archer, not fit to be a Lord. Will his chums be calling for him to be 'unnobled'?
  5. Forget it lads, he'll get away with it.

    there is no way that anyone connected to corrupt regime of the Head Ned will ever be prosecuted for any crime.

    Lanarkshire politics (similar in nature to a banana republic) has infected all of Scotland.
  6. Well he has been suspended fromt he labour party and is being charged with willful fire raising (whats wrong with good old arson??)

    hope he gets a huge fine and kicked out.

    Speaking of that i think that any MP with a criminal record should be stripped of their title. After all they are meant to be pillars of our society and respectable individuals. How that can describe tango man and gorgeous george galloway i dont know!!!

    Throw them out!!!!

    agent smith