One of the Newest Lts in the USMC

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Having commissioned one of the newest Lts. in the USMC on Saturday, excuse my "father's" pride in posting a pic. If he is typical of the quality of our young officers (and he is), the USMC is in very good hands for the future.

    Edited to delete pic for pers sec and to avoid further slagging about my height, wrinkled trousers etc.
  2. ????PHOT????
  3. Congratulations JJJH
  4. Good on you and the boy JJH!!
  5. Well done Jarhead, you must be very proud.


  6. Congratulations and cudos to you both.
    May he serve with success and safety.
    Good to see similar family traditions of service in the Corps.
  7. Without being overly judg(e)mental of this excited young officer, it goes without saying that the USMC, as an agency of the US government is certainly not immune to affirmative action recruiting. At least, (for now--we will see how much how current masters force this to change too) our system does a fairly good job of winnowing out the posers and otherwise unqualified/undeserving officers from progressing beyond their first term of service.
  8. Just a question are they army jump wings on the young lad and a V for valour device on his bronze star
  9. congratulations, but how did a nearly comissioned Lt get any medals? was he enlisted before?
  10. Did he commission from the ranks JJH? Just looking at his medals and I assume one of them is the Bronze Star and I assume the other chap is your good self?
    Congrats to you and him.
  11. Be a better picture if some old bugger hadn't turned up and ruined it :D
  12. Congratulations, but which one is which?
  13. Impressive strip of bling on the proud Dad there. ;)

    Congrats to the Son. :D
  14. \
    I thought that was your son :soldier: :D
  15. Bless you for that. Want a kiss? :D