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One of the most funny threads I have read on the internet!

Genius writing by Blu-tone. If he doesn't write for a living, he should do. Every bit as funny as the original 'Them' thread.
Pocoyo said:
Classic stuff, makes you wonder where some of the great posters from Arrse have disappeared to, probably that forum!
Although I'd clearly like to include myself in that, the answer would have to be: Not Bloody Likely...

The qualifications for the forum are basically:

Middle aged IT nerd

And moderators get very upset at any form of robust humour or even gentle ribbing... let alone the welcome issued for any form of political outlook anywhere to the right of Arthur Scargill


Though I know there are a couple of ARRSE'rs on there, and I've been a member there for about seven years
Absolutley concur...... yes..... have had this 'treatment' with Picolax on several occasions recently when undergoing a Sigmoidscope being shoved up the old hoops......especially when I was diagnsoed with bowel cancer some 10 years ago....(all better now...).

No going out for walks after taking the first sachet.... definately not going down the Pub for a few Jars.....go nowhere unless it's within 5 feet of a Khazi.....

I ges the same effect after drinking 2 Litres of prune Juice...... standby for the splatter....... :tp: :toilet: :omg:
when i was a student living in a nurses home, people used to pinch your food from the communal fridge...especially yoghurt! We 'borrowed' some Picolax and used a hypodermic to inject it into yoghurt pots, sticking the price label back over the hole.....

strangely no-one ever pinched them again after that weekend!
flutedbarrel said:

Skim read all posts apart from Blu-Tone.

Agent Picolax.....

Enjoy :D
You utter, ******* cnut. I've nearly burst a blood vessel trying not to laugh in the office. I've had to stop reading the thread to compose myself and I've only just got to blu-tone's first post.

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