One of the last of Easy Company stands down

Yep, there are very few left now.

PS. I can fully recommend his and Wild Bill´s book ´Brothers in battle. Best of frineds´, for those that are interested.
Yes, there can't be many WW2 veterans of all countries still alive now. I have an uncle who was in the RE in India during WW2, he is 88 now and in failing health. So another generation of Old Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen pass on to the Great Drill Square in the Sky..... soon it will be the turn of us post WW2 Cold War Warriors....... but not for many years yet I hope...


For my family my father in law was the last who served in the Second War and he passed away this spring.
My dads still alive, 86,got in at the tiail end was sent to Barry Island with the RASC to prepare for the invasion of Japan. Ended up in Palestine.

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The death of Donald Malarkey (96 yrs) Easy Company, Band of Brothers, has been reported in the press today.
Sad to hear of his death, I just binge watched the whole series again over the weekend without knowing of this as well. Considering what he went through as a young man he lived a full life to an impressive age!
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