One of our tanks is missing.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 29, 2002.

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  1. Army chiefs are asking citizens to keep an eye out for an inflatable tank
    which was blown away in the strong gales which battered the UK over the

    The inflatable, life-size dummy tank was moored to the ground during a
    training exercise near Tredegar, south Wales. But 80 mile per hour winds
    tore the battle tank replica from ropes tethering it to the ground and the
    vehicle is officially "missing in action". A widescale search including a
    helicopter is now underway for the errant inflatable. On Monday a military
    spokesman said they were anxious to hear from anyone who may have woken
    during the morning to find a tank in their garden. Up to 860 soldiers were
    taking part in the annual Cambrian Patrol exercise at Trefil at the foot of
    the Brecon Beacons. The troops were enacting a battle scene using "enemy
    positions" created using the tank replica, which is Royal Air Force
    property. The army is now scouring the hills of mid Wales using a helicopter
    to find the inflatable.
    Reality exercises
    Red-faced Sergeant Major Brian Pratt said: "If anyone's found my tank,
    please give us a bell. "It looks like a proper tank - from 200 metres away,
    you would think it was a green tank with wheels and a barrel. It really
    looks the part. "It is about the size of three cars. It would fill a big
    garden. When deflated, it takes three men to lift," the sergeant major told
    BBC Radio Wales. "We have got about six blow-up tanks. We use them every
    year for different exercise to make the exercise as realistic as possible.
    "It was particularly unusual weather." The other inflatables used in the
    exercise were deflated and removed before the winds could carry them away.
    Meanwhile, a 25 foot-high inflatable replica of fast food mascot Ronald
    McDonald is also still missing after it was whisked by high winds from a
    Newport restaurant last week.


    "I have no blank rounds , pyrotechnics or inflatable rubber tanks in my possession SAH!"

    Wonder if they'll make the lads empty their bergans? I know we have a team up there, hmmmmmm make a nice trophy in the Bar......  ;D
  2. Shame it wasn't an inflatable RAF air-craft. Now that would have been a first:

    "RAF 'plane in wet weather flying shock.!"
  3. Conspiracy theory#75

    Looks like APC have covered the 8000 missing  inflatable soldiers that seem to have been blown away as well??
  4. bet the cloud punchers have never had to deal with this sort of target before, can you get alock on a tank in flight?
  5. Better to let the drop shorts perfect the art of slotting still tgts before moving onto moving ones ;D ;D ;D