One of our own in trouble!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. That is feckin disgraceful, hope it turns out well in the end for him, if hes 36 im sure he served quite a bit of time..... and thats the thanks his feckin country gives him in return.
  2. That is a fcuking disgrace, what a fcuking joke cant fcuking believe it, lost for bloody words...........
  3. A strange story! (see my comments on Int Cell)

    With comments like he thinks he is being descriminated against because he is British, when the authority is challenging his Britishness and he doesn't seem to actually know what test he has to take, makes me very suspicious of this chap.

    Even so, just take the bleedin' test and get it over with.
    Get a job using your British Passport, NHS and NI numbers, and use your Mums address for goodness sake! Its not rocket science!

    He seems to me to be playing on the ex-squaddie sympathy vote now that support for our armed forces is high. (for those fighting in the sun, as opposed to running failing bars in the sun!)

    Does anyone actually know him?
    And did he give you a free beer or 2 when he was running his bar in sunny climes?
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst I have sympathy for the bloke
    Had it all worked out for him abroad would he have sent taxes back to the UK did he keep up payments of his stamp?
    Can't he just go and get a job?

    I am always a bit supisious in general of people who go abroad for a new life and riches then suddenly find the good old UK passport in the bottom drawer when it all goes wrong and then blame the UK for not picking up the pieces

    Sorry it's life like I say I have every sympathy for him but he put himself in that position so he should try to get himself ou of it
  5. Blimey, makes you wonder though.... I've just go back from 3yrs in Germany, if I had needed to sign on would I have needed to take the test? His case might highlight a failure in the system.
  6. Does that matter? He had paid into the system until he went to Spain (including time in the mob). If I pay X amount into my savings account for 15 years and then take a 3 year break, does that mean that I am no longer entitled to use my bank account?

    Nope, he has no legal fixed abode and no valid NI number (his old one has been withdrawn when he was given "under investigation" status).

    Why? If you have paid in for the majority of your working life, why shouldn't you be entitled to get some back if you fall on your arrse, no matter where or how it happened? They give scumbag chav single mothers and layabouts money from day one and they have never paid a penny in.

    No, he served his country, left, worked on civvy street and then tried to go to sunnier climes to have a better quality of life. It didn't work out. Why shouldn't he be able to come back to his country of citizenship that he has paid a vast amount into and expect help?

    Besides that, it's not like he went to Outer Mongolia. Spain is in the EU and therefore a Spaniard could come here and work tomorrow, as well as being able to claim benefits.

    One of the guys that works for me has a missus that works in the Job Centre that is processing the case. I can assure you from the Gee Gee's gob that he can NOT legally work at the moment and the DSS (or whatever moniker they have now) don't really know what to do with him. There are issues with NI payments but there is also a row internally about the equivelant payments being made to Spain who have reciprical agreements with the UK. I don't know the full story but I do know that she has point blank told me that if he had come from a none EU country and claimed asylum, he would be being treated better than he is now.

    He (obviously) lives local to me but I never knew him in the AAC. I am trying to find out more and will report as I find out.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    He's British, he was born British, he was born in the UK, he's been in HM forces, he's paid stamp duty, he's paid taxes, he's got an N.I. number, he's got his date of birth, he's got his town of birth, he's undoubtedly got access to his birth certificate (I presume he knows what town he was born in), and can pay £7 to get a copy of that certificate to present to the local dole office.

    This being the case, he has nothing at all to prove to anyone, and from what I can see, somebody is lying, or someone hasn't got the correct documentation!

    Either he's lying, or the newspaper is lying, or he's failed to provide the necessary proof of his nationality - he must have had a fcuking passport to get back to the UK didn't he? Can he not visit the fcuking British Embassy or something?

    Either way, this story is bullsh!t.

    Edited to add: sorry if my response seems a little on the hard side - but if he managed to serve, managed to get abroad, managed to run a licenced bar, managed to bring his family back to the UK, surely it's not beyond him to provide the correct documentation and temporary address for the paperwork?!?! I doubt he's on the streets,so wherever he's staying is the address he provides as his temporary home address for the purpose of the forms.
  8. It is definitely bullshit. That doesn't mean it isn't true though. Do you honestly believe that there is no incompetent bureaucrat working in the DHSS that "could" be to blame?

    In a way I hope you are correct and the guy/report/both is/are lying. If a British born citizen who has served in the UK's armed forces is being treated this way then our government have sold us out in one way or another.

    Unfortunately after the service I received by the social security system leads me to believe that the report may just be true.
  9. I also paid into the system for 11 years before slinging my hook for sunnier climes 28 years ago and TBH I doubt if I'm entitled to claim a brass razoo, not that I intend coming back mind you.

    If all of this is true can I be the first to say I'm outraged :(