One of our own accidently killed.

Christ what a waste after making it through Afghanistan twice. Condolences to his loved ones.
It really F@@ks me off when you get 20 year lads like Kyle who are a credit to Britain and then you get these dope smoking k**b heads on the Jeremy Kyle bumming around in life.
Kyle 'Sweet Cheeks' Hudson was a cracking lad, he and I not only served in F coy together but also in the same platoon on Herrick along with Waitout. Infact Kyle did not do two Afg tours, only one but did a Telic with (I think) the Staffords, spending time in Baggers.
Kyle was pretty much the platoon character who got on really well with other members of the company. He was prepared to work really hard and thrived once we were deployed to Lash and then to PB Tappa Parang. He was also my WMIK driver on many occasions.
Another member of the platoon won a photography competition and some of his work was displayed in the Imperial War Museum and several of the pictures displayed showed Kyle at work.


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