One of our old mates gets the boot - Andy Gilchrist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ging-gwar, May 7, 2005.

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  1. I have just the job for young Andy. MT Platoon.
    The only Platoon in our unit who are more, "not in the job description sar'nt major, sorry if it was up to me you could have the lanny for your recce, but no-can-do, than he is .
    Utter Cnut...
  2. Glad all the postal vote forms got out and back in okay!!
  3. There wont be any national strikes ahead !

    This cvnt deserved to get the boot along with the other losers on the top table.

    They kept saying that a can of worms were opened when we voted for IA !

    Yet it was them who brought the the subject up in the first place .

    We never realised that these so called union leaders were milking the system for their own personal gain !. Bent elections, bent canvessing, Lies,
    Blaming the Firefighters for the bad deal achieved ??? .

    I have had many a battle on here with guys who slagged us off. But there were those who said the problem was with Guilchrist, get rid of him and the others. We explained it would be a long road, but now we have achieved our aim.

    The pensions issue, is a problem that effects the whole of the country, all public sector workers are to be slammed through it. But the press seem to say we're on collision course with the government again ??? NO its not true.

    There wont be any returning to Operation Fresco. All battles are local battles now. The pensions problem will be national, but we're only 55,000 in a pool of 21 million who are about to launch a defensive attack on the government. Who incidently along with the police, are protected from any age or benifits increase change.

    Infact on the table is a pensions provision for MP's to have a full pension after 12 years service !!!.

    But i do appologise for the shit that our old leaders put you through 3 ears ago. But now Firefighters are more weary of big talking , money waving false promisers. One by one they are falling.
  4. And
    i think there will be a return to Op Fresco from what i hear about the profile of the new leader, what with him being a Trotsyist and more of a rabid left winger than Guilchrist
  5. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    It's good to have the reassurance of FBU moderation from Prescottsanarsehole but I still don't think firefighters should have the ability to strike. The fireservice is a publicly funded service and lives rely on it doing its job. Nothing should be allowed to prevent firefighters taking the kit they have and going to emergencies. The FBU should be disbanded and reformed from scratch after its abysmal behaviour up to and during Fresco.
  6. Semper,

    A trotsyist and rabid left winger ??

    No he isn't. Thats the scare stories banded around by the Guilchrist camp.
    The same individuals who have been posting nice little letters to members homes.
    You cant get a bigger left winger that guilchrist, he's the only one to come out and say the imortal words " Bring down New labour and replace them with Real Labour".

    Take a look at his picture of him in his office ?? What photograph is hanging behind his desk ?.

    Unknown to us at the time, He said that he wouldn't claim a wage whilst we were on strike ?? This is true, yet when they were forced to show the statements of accounts for 2003/4, he claimed more benefits to make up his wage stoppages !!!.

    Now the individuals who are spreading rumours are guys such as, Mike Fordham (Who was replaced by Matt Wrack) John Mcghee who lost the election to Matt Wrack John Mcdonald who is a regional EC official from Scotland, and a few more who are also up for re-election in the next few months, and now are starting to shit themselves because the days of Free Curries, Free Perks, over £1.000.000 in Hotel bills are about to come to an end !!.

    Everything to do with disputes are now being delt with locally, about 4 Brigades are in dispute and have been for weeks. But aren't national.

    If a Brigade actually go out on Strike, it wont be against the Government , it will be because of the CFO. The new bread specially selected by the Government.
  7. Unknown,

    We dont own the appliances. We dont even own the Fire Kit we wear.

    Everything you now see on a Firefighter is owned by Bristol Care.

    The Government could have taken the appliances at any stage throughout the last dispute. But wouldn't because unknown to the public we were contracted to GOLD Command incidents, but wouldn't tell the public that.

    Brigades are recieving new appliances called Rescue Pumps, combined Fire and RTA appliances. Supplied by the Government. The IRU's Urban Vehicles aren't owned by Fire Authorities mate, There government owed also.

    I know we pissed off the forces in Fresco. But there was loads of stuff that was always blacked by the Media, And are only now coming into public domain.

    I now have a bigger understanding of the BBC, Sky, ITV etc.

    And you've winessed it yourselves over the last 2 years. You know the truth, you know the facts, you shout and scream trying to get the facts out, but are met by a blanket black out. The public only will be told what the Government press office want them to know.

    It fvcking stinks.
  8. have you got anything to back that up ?
  9. Semper.

    Which part do you want me to back up ?.

    I'll answer truthfully to whatever you ask.
  10. BTW, the Government are pushing us forward to do a thing called Co-Responding.

    They are now getting CFO's out there trying to tell us that the Responding is now in the Firefighters Roll Map. ??

    First Aid and Trauma Care are the two qualifications i hold.

    But news over the last two weeks has revealed that a couple of Unions in the Ambulance Service are calling for STRIKES !. last one was in 1995.

    This is caused by the Agenda for change, basically the Government got in a Management consultant, who had to find a position in the pay spines for Techs and Paramedics. But the position he found wasn't to the liking of Local Government and Real Labour !. they hae insisted the go in about 10 points lower than the suggested pay scale.

    There will be a ballot for IA. Some parts England are already in dispute.

    We now know why they weant this Co Responding forced on us, To cover the Eventuality of Strike Action.

    So far Firefighters are disputing the Co Responding Roll Model.
  11. i am not having a go at you, i am only questioning what you saying as it is the opposite to what is known in the public domain

    it is easy to say this and say that,when we do need concrete information via a web link to back up these statements how do you know all this ? what is your source? regarding the new way of working in the brigade, what is Bristol care?,what is GOLD command incidents ?, that Wrack isn't a Trot and left winger?.

    if you can provide all this, i will listen without prejudice.
  12. I'll get all the relevent information no problem.

    The gold commands i will dig up the Government agreement with the FBU, i know about them because i had to do one within 4 hours of the first ever strike (The day Prescott refused to get out of bed to avoid).

    Bristol Care is the company who supplies all the Firefighting Kit. The Brigades rent the kits, pay a retainer for cleaning and replacement if damaged, or any repairs that are done. Two sets of Fire kit, which go away four times a year for assessment.

    I'll get the info on Matt Wrack asap and also the info on AG so you can compair the two.
  13. How do you link to a site ?