Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. New Zealanders are Britain’s most successful ethnic group, according to a report out. We arrive on your shores with nothing –many have never seen a city before- yet integrate well into British society, despite profound differences of culture and beliefs, and the racism we encounter.

    when I stepped off the boat in 1996 I didn’t even have the price of a cappuccino. I already knew some English phrases, but I found the city a bewildering place, so many unfamiliar sights and sounds. For the first few years I worked in the drains, doing the jobs that the British didn’t want. In Britain I have been able to realise my great dream - to work in an pub.
    I’ll never forget the first time some English people invited me to their house. They served lamb from a 'supermarket'. In New Zealand if we want to eat lamb we have to strangle it ourselves.
    It hurts when they don’t accept you at first, but I have many English friends now, my Hindu is getting better all the time.
    I came to Britain to seek a better life after the soldiers burned my village.
    I dream of returning to my homeland one day, when the situation and goverment is more stable. But Britain is my home now.
  2. Yeah but would you pass the Tebbit test if the question was Lions or All Blacks?? Incidentally a few Canadians could try that "the soldiers burned my village" line, especially if they were talking about a)Medicine Hat and b) the Kingos...