One of Cyprus 3 Green Jackets released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IS Ski Geek, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Just come across this snippet

    Green Jacket Released

  2. Hang the bas***ds. What a vicious way to end a young life.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed, a blight on a proud regiment, hope they dont turn up at any re unions....
  4. Dont waste the rope..... just kick the t**ts out the back door at 40000 ft... they're not wanted here.

    Out of interest, just who is flying them back?
  5. Thomas Cook?
  6. Wasn't there a little more to the story, than the tabloids posted?

    Not that I'm going to print the details here...
  7. If you don't care to explain, don't make such comments.

    I believe the young woman in question was knocked off her bike, kidnapped, stripped and sexually assaulted before being beaten to death.

    What mitigating circumstances could possibly render such actions acceptable?

    Let 'em rot.
  8. 1994 + 25 years = 2019

    Am I missing something? Their judges sound worse than ours.
  9. Being from the exact locale of one of these t0ssers, we had the "hidden" story in the local rag. To avoid the wrath of the PC censors I won't name names but the story was that only one of them actually did away with the bird and the other two covered for him afterwards, this was based on a "confession" to a bent ex copper that was in the pokey with them.

    Even if that was the case, they are still guilty of aiding and abetting so fcuk 'em, they either snuffed out a young innocent life early or assisted in the cover up, either way, let the fcukers swing.
  10. Yes, its called parole and like it or not, when someone is jailed for 25 years, its very rare that they do the full term. Halfway through their sentence, it looks like they got parole at the first opportunity.

    Hardly seems fair though, does it? At 38 they still most of their lives left, unlike the poor girl he remains cold in her grave. That's the thing that seems so unfair, the innocent victims stay dead after the perpertrator gets parole.

    The Americans don't f*ck around. They just sentence them to ridiculously long sentences. 150 year sentence, parole after 75 years - seems fair to me.
  11. Odds on it will be us, the tax payer!
  12. In what way was I suggesting the actions were acceptable? But as this was the same story I heard from different people in the RGJ, I was wondering if other people had heard that drugs were involved somewhere along the lines? And I mean exportation, not consumption.

    Although it's prob. just squaddy rumour.
  13. I didn't say you were. Your post suggested that there was some extra information we ought to be aware of about this murder. I was merely inviting you to share.

    I don't recall drug smuggling cropping up in the reports of the court proceedings. Still, the addition of possible drug smuggling merely reinforces my belief that they should be left to rot.
  14. Ok, I never posted the story as I thought I would be abused from all angles. And I thought as I heard this and I wasn't even a Green Jacket, that other people would have knew this too.

    I HEARD (from different sources) that the somewhere along the lines of: the soldiers were bringing in drugs from across the border and the girl was selling them to the people she was acting as a rep to... then something along the lines of someone was owed money and someone was gonna get reported (I heard this about five years ago, so it's a bit vague) and that was what led to the girl getting killed.