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Harold_The_Clever_Sheep said:

Good job they went for current, near-vertical cover.

Historic low-oblique would certainly have revealed a
Gerry Adams is beef wall "mural".

Gerry the poor innocent, "infliction" was probably speculating about him, as well as Martin.

The late Jerry Fitt is still my datum point for a credible Belfast politician


Funny how he failed to mention that the same Judge (Cory) also stated that there was probable evidence pointing to collusion between members of the Garda and the IRA, whilst investigating the murder of Ch Supt Harry Breen and Supt Bob Buchanan.

What he fails to realise is that are still paramilities operating in NI - RIRA, CIRA, Loyalist paramilitaries (Michael Stone). MI5 is responsible for Internal Security in the UK, and whilst there is still a risk from terrorists in NI their will always be a role for the Security Service. Just because PIRA have purported to have given up the armed struggle, it does not mean there aren't other who are willing to kill, bomb and terrorise.


let's see if Gerry changes his tune if an islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber does his thing in belfast?

although he would probably still blame "RUC collusion with loyalist death squads".

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