One Odd looking crim....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jungcrung, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Just saw this and nearly pissed myself - how police have failed to find this man is beyond me.

    Identikit face
  2. The suspect was heard saying forlornly "Phooonnnne Hooooommmmme."
  3. Isn't it that woman who just had a face transplant?

    When I saw the "identikit" picture, Mrs Staaken, watching telly behind me said "Are you ok?" (I was on the floor crying with laughter)
  4. Looks more like Wacko Jacko to me!!!

    Sha, mutha-f*cking, moan!!!!! Eeee-heeee
  5. I recently had a run in with a large African lady and police contacted me yesterday to say they believed they had her in custody. However, due to the Tribal Markings on her face her solicitor felt an ID parade would prejudice my judgement (what he really meant was the rather obvious markings would make my NOT IDing her impossible!) So the officers arrived at my home with a PC and images, including this woman’s, ALL bearing her Tribal Markings!


    If she had had orange hair would it have been the same argument?

    Anyone got any idea of the legality of this?

    She WILL be convicted, although I failed to pick her out, she was caught on CCTV carrying out a similar crime to the one involving me.

    Beebs x
  6. Um, no - I used to do ID parades, and you got paid more* as a gwarr.

    *Obviously, the crim didn't get paid, dodgy ginger pee smelling lawbreaker that he was.
  7. Does anyone else find this statement a bit odd? Surely the whole point of an identikit is that it is publicly released in order to help identify suspects. Logically therefore if there is an error in the picture, it should be noted.

    I can see it now, Crimewatch 2007

    Suspect wanted:
    Sex: Not disclosed for Sexism reasons
    Ethnicity: Not disclosed for Rasism reasons
    Age: Not disclosed for Ageist reasons
    Dress: Not disclosed for Chavist reasons
    Identifying features - None

  8. Norfolk?


    Where the baby alien was found in the loft?

  9. Suspect last seen Licking Minibus Windows and chanting "Mlaaaaar........."
  10. I used to work for Norfolk Constabulary and am in no way surprised at this e-fit.

    They had to have a special "in-bred" module so crims from Dereham could be id'd by their outragously large ears or large red noses
  11. He looks perfectly normal to me
  12. I reckon it's a paler version of Robert Mugabe.
  13. The police need to look no further than Russ Mael out of 80's electro-muzak supergroup Sparks.
    I can see the the line up now, 6 quasi hitler/chaplin lookalikes all humming "This town aint big enough for the both of us"

    Book him Danno, he's going down 5 to 10 in the big house!!
  14. If anyone wants me, Im going for a run. Away!
  15. i seen this person.... oh were was it.... oh the french bint who just had the face transplant

    i seen this pic when i opened the paper on the tube and nearly pi55ed myself.. got some funny looks, just as this guys probably used to on a day to day basis