One Night in Shaibah Log Base I ....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. May have been done before, but lets have another go, finish the sentence in 10 words with the truth, a lie or a military myth.
  2. Had a subway and got food poisoning.... normal day really
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I heard someone do a 'beirut salute'...

  4. I don't believe that some of you are actually admitting to have ever entered that place. The Butlins of the desert, full of fat fcuking loggies and their even fatter "operational wives".

    It's like Deepcut but with less ethnics and marginally better weapon handling. Enough to make you vomit. Mind you, Abacus had a field day there, licking the stains out of soldiers underpants.
  5. heard someone who had never been to Maysan or Basra complaining about the living standards...
  6. dressed up in a french maids outfit (ok, bin liner and laundry bag, socks for boobies) and got complement on my arrse by a QA.
  7. Been there twice and loved it Get paid too much to rough it
  8. Had no choice in where I was sent as a reservist.

    Having been on tour quite a few times, I really wouldn't complain about the camp (apart from the amount of knobjockeys on there). Have been to a lot worse!
  9. Saw someone get struck by lightning, which blew his boots off.
  10. Spent 3 days on a camp cot, out in the sun, whilst quarantined with a whole bunch of 1RTR jocks, crapping my guts out.


    This was when Shaiba was still a runway, a few crumbling hangars, and a topsoil consisting 95% compo anaconda.
  11. met the transport and left on the crab ait flight on time, no problems; the flight and movie were great.
  12. Obviously Shaibah has gone through an image change since I last cast eyes on it in June 03. It was a shite stained fcukhole when I left and now it sounds like Surfers Paradise.
  13. Air con corrimecs hard standing buses to work its great as shitholes in the desert go

  14. OOOOOHHHH - someone has issues! What - been dumped by a female in the loggies and are bitter??
  15. Took Viagra in a valent attempt to put my section cmnd off singing at the medics leaving party (she was in iraq n roll) but instead ended up wanting to cut off my own schlong after about 17hrs of pure throbbing hardness!!