One Nation Labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Just been listening to a Labour MP on radio 4 banging on about the need for his party to reach out to southern voters...fat chance here in west Devon, Tory,Libdim, UKIP, Labour in that order in 2010.
    Is this a detoxification of the "New Labour" brand in progress?
  2. Didn't work when Cameron tried it, won't work for Milliband. The country's needs are too fragmented now and none of the parties are willing to make the sacrifices amongst their core vote to appeal to the rest.

    It's a soundbite and nothing more.
  3. In the 1970s we had traditional labour: Harold Wilson, Sunny Jim Callaghan, Anthony Wedgewood Benn(aka The Viscount Stansgate). They left the country in a mess, up to their eyes in government debt.

    In the 2000s we had New Labour: Blair , Brown, Balls and Milliband. They left the country in a mess, up to their eyes in government debt.

    Now we have One Nation Labour: Milliband, Balls and various from the last lot. They havent had a chance yet but no doubt in time will manage to leave the country in a mess, up to their eyes in government debt.
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  4. Looks like they are stuffed up here in Scotland.

    Johann Lamont announces at the Party Conference that "Universal Benefits" would be under the microscope and nothing is off the table (including NHS, Pensioner's travel, Free Uni places etc) in a future Scottish Labour led administration.

    Welsh party leader contradicts her and commits to traditional Labour Party Bevan style ideals.

    Perception up here is that Labour are leaning to the right to get a foothold in Middle England and not now in step with the masses.

    Another kick in the nads for the Union of Nations.
  5. Ed M is just the latest in long and undistinguished line of people to pull out the One Nation mantra and to invoke Disraeli without the slightest understanding of what it was all about historically. What he is suggesting is just about the finest description of what One Nationism is not. It was all about uniting the votes of the upper middle, upper, and very poorest classes to act as a viable coalition of voters to take on the dominate coalition of voters for whom all the laws are made.
  6. Wouldn't need One Nation if Blair and his cronies hadn't f*cked it up in the first place.

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  7. one nation! one people! one leader!

    said of course whilst thumping an invisible podium
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  8. Theres no such thing as one nation and never will be! Theres always going to be people at top, bottom and middle and spouting off about 1 nation, whether by a tory or Labour politician is trying to instigate divisiveness eg rich against poor, the haves against the have nots. for every posh boy snob theres probably 10 reverse snobs like that **** Steve Coogan on last weks Question Time. The guy had 10 chips on each shoulder and was espouting traditional labour values as if every labour supporter was a poor downtrodden miner or street sweeper - he was so uip his own arse that he couldn't recognise the disparity of being a stinking rich and priveleged person and trying to act as if he was someone at the bottom - he was caught out because Harriet Harman sat next to him had to admit she was private school educated - which explicitly proves how two faced labour are being about being one nation! Remember everyones equal but some are more equal than others!
  9. Somewhat more believable than CMD's Blue Labour slogan.
  10. Who the hell are we meant to vote for?
    Labour = over spending fuckwits who'll leave out country in shite order and full of dole bludgers and immigrants.
    Conservatives = far to cozy with the rich and don't give a flying **** about the working 'man' unless they can tax it.
    Liberals = Really?! I'd rather let Abu Hamza give me a 'hand' job!
    BNP = 90% of their policy's make sense but the other 10% are a bit too mad for me to get my head around!
    UKIP = one trick pony.
    Communist Party of Britain = barbed wire arse dildo!
    And a collection of other muppets = see above!
    Can we have an (I know this sounds wrong) ARSSE party? I'd vote for it!
  11. Double tap.
  12. Trooper has already invented it.
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  13. The trick is not to believe ANY of the slogans - it doesn't matter which party or which politician they'll all lie to get ahead, unfortunately theres far too many people in Britain today who'll vote for a party because A. they re gullible or B. because their dad and grandad did - I watched a newsnight debate a few months ago, talking about Europe and all 4 panel members (Tory, Labour, Limp Dem and UKIP) were saying different things and quoting facts and statistics that the others were saying was wrong - IMHO not one of them was thinking about what is best for Britain, rather they were trying to make out that only their party knew what was right.
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  14. New shit same stink.

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  15. You are not wrong about Steve Coogan on question time last week - what a tosser and as you say completely trapped in left wing dogma, sadly like much of the audience.

    Mrs Farmboy has threatened to ban me from watching QT as my outbursts frighten her, they also frighten me, but not as much as they would frighten the QT audience:)