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BBC News Article

Just seen this piece on BBC News website, thought it gave a very fair and reasoned account of how the families feel back at home when we head off to sandier climes. Worth a read.
Just read it and all i can say is well done the beeb for putting across such a good story.

About time the story of the families left behind was told!
A beard, what's that all about? Is he 'special' or something?
I think the last thing you need out there is a shave, plus I believe a lot of the locals traditionally have beards/tash so it would be a hearts and minds thing.
Most of the footage coming out of there has most sporting the best part of 1 months stubble.
Though, I did notice in the TV report from the very front line that most of the Para whilst not shaving had nevertheless managed to grow tashes of the Viva Zapata kind!
It is a very good article. My wife knows about fellings of the soldier's mum pretty well. Her brother spent two years in Afghanistan and it was a moral torture for her family.
Good article - happy as it was really well balanced and quite rational. Well done!
Very well put. I must admit i know alot of what the army does for home welfare whilst we are away is pointed at next of kin but the poor old mums don't really get any support. They are the ones it without doubt affects the most. Sure wives and girlfriends get upset and miss you put they haven't known you and looked after you since you were born. I'd like to see better support for "families" Not just wives!
stroker said:
A beard, what's that all about? Is he 'special' or something?
When working with the ANA, ANP we were encouraged to grow beards as a mark of respect. I personaly didn't grow a beard, I just resembled a down and out as I have no respect for anyone of the muslim faith.

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