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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ally_tol3, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Iv got a month off work now before i go to pirbright on 3rd decmeber and just wndered any suggestions what sort off work out i should wokr on over the next month to improve my fitness and mainly upper strength before i go to basic training :D
  2. Not easy to answer, how fit are you now? What are your weak points? (cv, stamina, strength)?
  3. I can run mile and half in 9 mins 27 secs so i want to build on that but my upper body strength is poor as i can do about 5 heaves, 50 press ups in two mins but adominal stength is good... i can run about 2 miles and would be heavily breathing but then after recovering for a bit i would be able to run again for another two miles etc...
  4. theres your answer. focus on upper body and more distance.

    if you have a 1.5 mile time like that you should be able to run 3 miles no problem.

    the problem i have is actually running slowly. being fairly thin and having a good sized stride length, running fast is no problem, but i have to make a concious effort to not go as fast for longer runs like 6 miles. because i would go in autopilot and bomb the first 3 miles id be knackered for the other 3.

    if you slow right down you will be able to do longer runs.

    also, try hill sprints. they are excellent for your fitness.

    get a chin up bar and put one in your house. if you can only do 5 best effort, try to do 30 in a day, maybe in sets of 2 or 3. if you do 3 chins ups, wait an hour and do 3 more, you'll knock out a fair few over the course of a day.

    so, do long runs, hill sprints, and chin ups.
  5. find a civvy gym that does a decent circuit trg twice a week, and thrash away...

    Do swimming, becuase you can tailor it too an arms or legs only session if required...

    Might be worth doing a 3 mile walk / jog with 20lbs in a comfortable backpack too...

    Anything like that will see you through so good luck
  6. When I need to ramp up my fitness I mix long runs with faster 2 mile runs. Mid way through long runs you can try some intervals, but you need to be able to maintain a good pace afterwards, so until you are fit go easy.

    Ref pull ups do them in 3 lots of 3 each day, build to 4's, then 5's.

    Also, it is worth going to your local sports centre and asking about circuit training. Give that a crack twice a week.
  7. im going out this afternoon to buy a pull up bar from argos 5 squids so its all good ... they all the same thing!

    is the best option to work on ur tri ceps doing tri cep dips or is there other ways?
  8. dips and close hand press ups, and normal press ups.