One medal fits all Anyone agree its a load of shite?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PullUpASandbag, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Anybody else feel that the current situation with the medal policy is at best case scenario a sham and worst case scenario a disgrace?

    I'm referring to the fact that a REMF can sit in Bastion for 6 months using his wireless internet and recieve the same medal, and even the rosette on the ribbon, as a soldier who has been scrapping in the Green Zone for 6 months. Surely something needs to be done to distinguish between the combat troops doing the fighting on a daily basis, existing in such spartan conditions not knowing whether each day they wake is going to be their last, and the fat useless idiots who work on their tans with the biggest threat to their health being a spot of D and V from too many dodgy pizzas outside the NAAFI?
  2. One medal for all worked well for NI, get some in and stop the whinning NIG...
  3. No I think it represents that we are all one team working towards the success of one Operation and elitism is not something the British Army need to start showing.

    You know what part you played and you know whether it was a useful part.

    To start devaluing others medals just to make another group look better would be to suggest that REMF's as you put it don't serve a useful purpose whilst on operations.

    * I'd like to add that without someone checking an ISO container got on the back of a truck in the Logs base I'd have never have been able to fill up my mags in a FOB.
  4. Right - just finished digging the trench and the OHP is done, preparing for the inevitable incoming, but how about a "Combat Infantry" decoration such as the Septics have (or, I think, the Hun did in WWII) to show the difference?
  5. Good job a REMF didn't dig that trench for you. Otherwise his hard work will have been for a chocolate box medal by this fellas standards.
  6. Hasn't this been done to death already. Frankly, can't be arrsed to find the link............. :roll:
  7. And what about combat armour, gunners, engineers, helicopter pilots etc. and don't forget the bloke that walks the dog that sniffs those IED out?

    You'll be wanting 'wound' medals next!

    Too much OHP and not enough visability from your trench sunshine...
  8. what if that REMF happens to be a surgeon or a trauma nurse whose work saves many lives during the tour....or the SO2 whose thankless job it is to ensure that ammo supplies are maintained to the front your personal contribution more valuable than these 3 quick examples?
  9. Yeah. Cr*p Trench, some fat REMF dug it for me... :D
  10. Id an have thought that people would look at an infantry man and think - he is probably in the infantry because he is wearing an infatry cap badge and uniform and has probably done some fighting up close and personal. So your "combat infantry" award would essentially just seperate those REMFS who see the front line from those who dont - maybe a "combat REMF" award?
  11. In a word...yes. No doubt they worked hard and should get some medal but not the same as the infanteer who fights.

  12. why? what makes you more special?
  13. Would that be the same REMF that could be blown up/shot whilst doing top cover on convoy escort etc etc etc? Of course there were no REMFS/Loggies etc KIA in NI/FI/GW!1/2 were there...? :roll:

    I would agree that Teeth Arms should be entitled to a badge to distinguish them from support arms. They are called , er, CAP BADGES. They seem to do the job quite well.

    I am still seething my red book never described me a 'Combat Typist' Class 1 :wink:
  14. You're not even serving are you?

    Plenty of others 'fight' and just who thinks gets your ammo, food and mail to you between 'fighting' and w$nking! Would you fancy driving a bowser full of fuel around the sandpit? I certainly wouldn't! Or are infenteers in more danger than the guy or gal deffusing roadside bombers you cretin!

    God give me strength with this one!!!
  15. Hahaha!!!

    Go back to playing Call of Duty mate.

    I do hope you never need to have your ring saved by a doctor who jumps on a Chinook flies out to where you have been shot and treats you until you can be put on a flight back home.

    You're either very stupid or have not yet deployed on operations.

    Next time you fire a round in anger, ask yourself how many people were involved in making sure your round hit its target.

    I can assure you that the surgeon REMFing it up in Bastion will have saved many more lives than you will have ever taken.