One Mans View

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by -=TheGeneral=-, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Taken from: Here

    Erm... cooooont
  2. Any chance of a link to this? Sorry I sound like Sven. A 12 figure Grid Reference might also be useful .......
  3. Doh!!!! Calm Down RM.
  4. Well cnuts like this make me proud to be a misfit who doesn't fit into normal society. Stops me having to interact with tw4ts like him.

    If Britains forces were to ever fail it would be because liberal peace loving jesus freaks get upset when the press depicts soldiers bayoneting the enemy through the eyeballs, and enforce a politically correct form of warfare where nobody dies. It wasn't very long ago the enemy was on our doorstep and individuals like this were kissing soldiers 4rses to engage said enemy. If you want peace prepare for war. To think those blokes died so kn0bheads like him can write to the BBC with their little opinions.
  5. Got it! Attached are the House Rules (BBC of course) of the Forum. Comments will be exclude if they blah etc

    "Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable"

    Andy Comment needs to Fcuk Off and Die - very slowly!!! He is an objectionable tw@t so he should be excluded. :evil: :twisted:
  6. RANT ON
    is today a special make me rant day......sounds like 'andy comment' is a real spin miester is the classic 'cambell' style so the failure of the whole war against terror is cos the military is crap ... well thats ok then now we no what the problem is the dear leader can just fix it now cant he

    Rant off

    FFS :x :x :x

    some people have no idea of what is realy going on in the real world
  7. I think 'Andy Comment' applied to join the Womens Auxiliary Balloon Corps and was turned down.

    Bitterness is such an unbecoming trait, isn't it?