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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Not that I have the slightest interest of any politcal rallye, but maybe one of the MP's on the forum could answer this:

    Can a party consisting of one person win a seat and be elected as PM?

    If the answer to this question is yes, then maybe we could start emailing JC to persuade him to stand at the next General election. A £10 contribution from as many members as possible should be enough to hire a double decker and maybe one of the scaleys coud rig up a PA system on the top deck to help with the canvassing.
  2. They could win a seat as an independent, but as a single person they would be unable to govern the country due to our voting system.
  3. I may be wrong but a PM depends on a majority hence a one man band couldn't do it (due to party politics). What they could do is stand in the PM's constituency at election time. The forces now can propose where they vote. If enough registered and voted against him they could force Brown out, There may then be a moral/costitutional argument for the winner to take power.
    What a nice idea!
  4. It is convention that the leader of the majority party becomes PM, but the Queen can ask any MP to form a new government.
  5. so here's the plan:

    Phase 1. Get JC elected as an independant.
    Phase 2. Once elected he sells his sole to the majority party and sits it out for a bit.
    Phase 3. At the next General election he takes power and then completley denounces all the attached parties agenda and creates his own (sound familiar?)
    Phase 4. Passes a motion to ban all fuel taxes and wins the hearts of all UK Citizens and remains in power for evermore.

    The end
  6. I don't think this has got legs at all. Jesus Christ died years ago.
  7. Don't worry, this isn't a gunpowder plot, it's a fecking grin, just like the muppets that run the country are having at the taxpayers expense.

    Would the honourable gentlemen like a Siemens microwave for on the granite worktop in the new kitchen?
  8. Really? Oh Gods, the evil ideas this gives me. [​IMG]
  9. I say we should just reinstate absolute monarchy, well can't be any worse than the current absolute shower. From what little I've found, since she's been avowedly apolitical, the Queen seem to be fairly One Nation and centre/centre left so she can't do any more harm than the incumbent incompetents.
  10. Steps to make Britain great again:

    1)Form the ARRSE Party(slogan: Vote ARRSE - The Other Parties Are Sh1te!).

    2)Make sure we have enough MP's to stand/win enough Seats to form a majority(always tricky unless you're running for either President of the USA or Zimbabwe. Then something can be "arranged").

    3)Inform Jezza that A)His Country needs him to be Prime Minister B)It's his duty and C)We know where he lives so he'd better play ball.

    4)Appeal to the large percentage of Voters who feel betrayed by all the main Parties(and the LibDems :lol: ). Our policies should include scrapping the EHRA, building more prisons, harsher sentances(and a referendum on the return of Capital Punishment). More police instead of PCSO's, making the managers of NHS hospitals liable for prosecution if someone dies of MRSA on thier watch, drastically cutting back immigration - and setting up a REAL Border Police Force to keep the unwanted out.

    Slash benefits to the bone; the extra money to be ploughed back into, among other things, Defence.

    5)As soon as we get into power, declare Martial Law and appoint Jezza as Lord High Protector. Suspend the Democratic Process - it never worked that well anyway - indefinately. :twisted:

    This plan will ensure our Nation becomes Great again, and I comend it to the House! 8) :twisted:
  11. FrankCastle,

    I agree with your post,but I would add

    Any immigrant being convicted of a criminal offence will deported along with his/her dependants.

    Long probationary periods before any immigrant can gain citizenship,and this will in future be revokable.

    MPs pay slashed and expenses eliminated.

    The number of qangos drastically reduced.The first of these to go would be the Commision for Racial Equallity.

    The BBC privatised and the licence fee abolished.

    Legal aid for criminal prosecutions abolished.
  12. Sometimes it's the little changes that make a big difference.

    For instance. This malarcky about service personnel not having a local connection for the council housing list even though they may have served in an area for three years etc. Definately change that and even make it so that they are put to the top of the list. They've contributed in serving their country and council taxes going toward the local community. A damn site more than alot of benefit scroungers who've taken from the community and never put anything back. ( That 3 generation familiy for instance).

    The benefits system should be completely overhauled anyway but that could completely fill several other threads. I've already commented on the treatment I had after I'd paid my taxes since leaving school ( in two jobs I might add) then getting cancer. I think anyone with cancer shouldn't have to explain themselves and get instant benefits. It's hard enough without someone saying you don't deserve any help because you were working before you got sick. Barstewards.

    ( and breathe)...

    I digress.

    Get someone sensible as a FULL-TIME Minister of Defense. Oh and scrap the current pay as you dine. Change it back to the old system but with a way of people either signing in or using a card to say they went to that meal. Therefore, you pay as you dine but you don't pay for a whole months meals when you probably didn't go to all of them.

    Change the resettlement to a decent amount more inline with the actual cost of courses etc. Say something more akin to the outrageous amount that noob got for northern wreck.

    No more compensation for a bit of a sore wrist ie RSI. Or if we must have some, 4 figures only. Make the compensation for serving personnel injured a far less insulting amount.

    These keep coming to me, I could go on but I may just fill up the thread with my ramblings. Having experienced the benefits, compensation and housing system from the other side, I can honestly tell the honerable member that it is complete twonk.
  13. Could we make it a two man party?

    I'd like to nominate DCI Gene Hunt out of 'Ashes to Ashes' for Home Secretary. With such a small party, he'd have to do multiple jobs so I'd give him the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights portfolio as well.

    Regarding the voter registration wheeze, this was discussed a while ago and Hackle researched the regulations. IIRC you have to have a link with the constituency in which you register, i.e. it has to be the place you'd be living if you were in the UK so Gordon's 18,216 majority could not be overturned by armed forces voters ......

    .... unless 18,217 of you chucked a fiver each in a hat and jointly purchased a flat in Gordon's constituency .....

    ... now that would be interesting.
  14. Ah, now that would be where changing the ruling on local connection for serving personnel would come in. It could work I tell ye!!