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One Lucky ******

BBC News - Helicopter crash pilot escapes without serious injury

A New Zealand pilot has escaped without serious injury after an accident where his helicopter's blades appeared to get caught in cables attached to scaffolding.

The helicopter was being used to help install a Christmas tree on the waterfront in Auckland when the incident happened.

Footage shows the rear end of the craft snapping off and the pilot being thrown about as the wreckage hits the ground.
I can't believe how quick that happened, the whole frame just snapped apart in a heartbeat. Good drills on the workers who were straight in the cab within seconds of it landing.
What kind of nut job would fly a hop-whizzer in there???? Wouldn't a crane have been safer??
Site Manager: "I'd better get a crane moved into position to get that bloody Christmas tree put up".

Emperor Mong: "You fool, how long do you think it would take to get the crane in position? Think how much work would be lost on site? No ... it would be a lot quicker if you got a helicopter in to do it".

How much funnier would it have been if the blades had gone into said 7 storey tree and shredded it all uber der platz??? Real comedy gold missed there by the Emperor!! Amateur!

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