One letter, one number and a special character

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ChickVonFlick, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. I've just had an emotional moment (caused by old age) with my "Verified by Visa" password. However, it struck me, after it was resolved, just how many passwords and usernames I need to remember. For example:

    At Work:
    Unclass IT system
    Conf system
    Secret system
    Various Push button lock codes
    Manifoil lock number/word combos

    On-line banking
    Hotel membership schemes
    Airline membership schemes
    Avis car hire
    Credit card
    Debit card
    Blackberry App store

    ..there's probably more. It's not just me is it, or are a lot of people "passworded out"? And of course, we never write them down.......'cos I can remember all that lot.
  2. This is a no-brainer: just use 'password'. Works for me.

    Errrm..........did I say that out loud?
  3. If you you would like a prompt each time then just use, "Case Sensitive", or "Caps Lock On".

    Otherwise choose a theme such as Post Codes, for example. Keep them in alpha-numeric order against a mental list of access requirements, also in alpha-numeric order.
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    yup..I keep mine to a theme, letters, numbers, special char in a specific order....then have a set which iterate through over time...I also have a shorthand version which I can write down without revealing the actual password.

    I was looking at the list I have to remember.

    5 logons for the restricted system - different access areas.
    3 for the secret system - 2 I have forgotten
    2 for the home computer
    1 for remote logon to work
    5 different ones for internet banking
    1 for work voicemail
    1 logon for my mobile
    3 PIN for cards
    5 for online gaming or forums

    you're right...getting a stupidly long list....saying that I still remember my first password and logon for a computer network - something that hasn't been active for over 15 years.

  5. You need Identity 2.0. Try the famous Dick Hardt presentation at This Linky
  6. Car registration number for everything,with the letters twice.
  7. Name Rank Number DOB what more do you need? :)
  8. Name of the road you live in with your house number placed somewhere in the word. Then everytime the system asks for a new password just move the numbers

    Or as I am contrating most of the time now, my previous agency name with my last four thrown in somewhere

    Works for me
  9. The systems that piss me off are the one that require you to set up a memorable answer to a list of predefined questions, where the answer has to be at least 8 characters (i.e. JPA)

    Town or City of Birth... You're shit bust if you're from London, Bristol, Leeds, York, Cardiff, Stoke, Preston, Oxford, Lincoln, Chester... etc

    Mothers maiden name... well, most common surnames in the UK are Smith, Jones, Taylor, Brown, Davies, Evans, Wilson, Thomas, Roberts, Johnson, Lewis, Walker, Wood, White, Watson, Jackson, Wright, etc... shit bust again *******!

    Etc, etc...
  10. mothers first name: mam
    fathers first name: dad
    place of birth: hospital etc

    using same password for everything,
    just make it long enough(15 chars) with a few specials thrown in
    and roberts your mothers brother
    peasy :)
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer


    Login for general access to computer.
    Login for work related inter-platform access
    Login for specialist database within platform access
    Login for 'special' system
    Login for another special system
    Login for customer enrollment system
    Login for HR/staff system

    Email x3
    Internet banking x3
    Airline frequent flier logins x 2
    Social crapworking logins
    Forums x 4
    Steam (games platform) login
    Games for windows live login
    Online browser based game logins x2
    Mobile phone locked area login
    Blackberry app login
    Ebay, Paypal
    Porn site/torrent site logins x 5
    Windows Live, Skype logins

    All have differnt passwords

    Oh, and JPA.
  12. I use a password reminder App on my Iphone, takes a while to add all the Info but it has come in so handy especially when your away on Cse and all your passwords are "hidden" under your keyboard!!!
  13. And then there are the systems that force you to change your password every three months, and other ones that make you choose from a pre-generated list, so you have to choose fgtyhgyhj or something equally memorable.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I have two pages of system (team) passwords to change every three months and one page of private passwords. While I am using a given password for my private IDs, for example Aband0ns (a memorable word with an upper case and a numeric - if the system also demanded a special character I might use Ab@nd0ns), I over the coming three months (and particularly the two - three weeks when various systems keep bothering me to change it) I think of another word beginning with, in this case B, like Benjam1n (or Benj@m1n). When I change my private passwords from Aband0ns to Benjam1n, I change my team passwords to Aband0ns. Thus I only have to remember two changing passwords, three if you include the upcoming new one.

    There is a six-character password for my day-to-day low security stuff that I have used for years and a 13-character password for my banks etc (easily reduced to 10 for those accounts that consider 13 characters overly paranoid).

    If you use Firefox, remember that your passwords are stored and easily retrieved by clicking:

    Saved Passwords
    Show Passwords

    so that once you have logged on and saved it, you have a get-out.

    It's a little harder if you use Linux (and not just the GUI on a Linux desktop) that disallows passwords found in the inbuilt dictionary (and it's clever enough to recognise the usual substitutions, 1 for I or L, zero for o etc) so your best bet is to think up an 8-character phrase like "every 3 months I must change the password" which gives you a password of e3mImctp. You can then spend your next three months thinking of a suitable password beginning with f.
  15. I gave up on the whole verified by visa thing, never could remember the passwords.
    So now I just click “forgotten password” enter data that I can remember DOB etc and make up a new password knowing that I don’t need to think of something I need to remember.