one less Tipton Taliban

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. One down just how many others are out there? my bold or ISI elements providing training/arms? :evil:

    UK militant 'killed in Pakistan'
    Rashid Rauf in Islamabad (December 2006)
    Rashid Rauf escaped from police custody in Pakistan in 2007

    A fugitive British militant linked to an alleged UK plot to use liquid bombs to blow up transatlantic airliners has been killed in Pakistan, reports say.

    Pakistani media said Rashid Rauf, born in Birmingham, was killed in a US air strike in North Waziristan, a haven for militants and the Taleban.

    Mr Rauf, on the run after escaping from a Pakistani jail, was alleged to have helped the group planning the attacks.

    Three men were convicted in the UK in September of conspiracy to murder.

    News of the liquid bomb plot paralysed global air travel, prompting authorities to implement stringent security measures at airports around the world.

    Rashid Rauf was arrested in Pakistan on 9 August 2006, at the request of US authorities, who feared he was about to disappear into the remote north-west of the country.

    One day later authorities in the UK and the US implemented strict security measures at airports, fearing possible bomb attacks.

    Hundreds of flights were delayed at airports around the world with massive disruption at major UK terminals and in the US, amid security service fears that militants were planning to mix everyday liquids into lethal explosives.

    Terrorism charges against the Briton were eventually dropped but he remained under detention in Pakistan as a "preventative measure".

    Mr Rauf then escaped custody in December 2007 while on his way to an extradition hearing under police guard.

    'Safe haven'

    Several Pakistani TV channels reported that Mr Rauf was among five people killed by a suspected US missile strike in the country's remote north-western region.

    However, the BBC has so far been unable to independently confirm the news.

    Islamist militants use the mountainous tribal areas along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan as a safe haven for training and resupply.

    The US regularly uses pilotless drones to attack militant targets in the region, a tactic that has caused growing resentment among Pakistan's leaders.

    On Thursday the government summoned the US ambassador in Islamabad to protest one day after an attack deep inside Pakistani territory killed five people - including at least one alleged militant.

    Pakistan says the constant missile strikes infringe its sovereignty. The BBC's Barbara Plett, in Islamabad, says the attacks spark widespread anger in Pakistan - especially among tribal figures.

    In that context, Saturday's attack will be reported in Pakistan as another violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and not for the possible killing of Rashid Rauf, our correspondent says.

    The US says the insurgents use the territory to launch attacks against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

    Islamabad has been pursuing a policy of ad-hoc peace deals with local Taleban commanders.

  2. Well done if they could just call in an airstrike on Birmingham...
  3. Can't help feeling the 'run rate' is a bit slow, a few more fours and sixes might help.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    In fainess mate I believe Birmingham is just as dangerous as Afghanistan
    My mate goes back there quite often and he says that to be working in a kebab shop or curry house you have to be nails
    The amount of young men who have suffered flash wounds,gunshot wounds or shrapnel injuries trying to prepare and serve food is unbeliveable
    It seems to happen just after a 6 month all inclusive holiday to see long lost family in Pakistan
    I don't know they must be so depressed at being back they take their eye of the ball and something happens
    Kitchens very dangerous places to work :wink:
  5. He should not be termed as being British or from the UK. Him, and those like him, have forfeited the right to be British the day that they decided to take up arms against this country. Pity it will not have been a long lingering death.

  6. Ssssh.
    Don't you know that this is a problem we are supposed to pretend doesn't exist?
    Britain welcomes all comer's regardless of wether they would prefer to see us all Islamic or dead.
    Oop's sorry, I suppose that makes me racist?
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Shouldn't that be the same rule for the "ex pat community"
    Who after 40 years in the sun calling the UK a shithole that's going to the dogs suddenly get a hankering for the old country once things get a bit dodgy or they are chained to a radiator
    Funny how absence makes the heart grow stronger when you need the Army Navy or Airforce to come and get you and you need to be put up in the old country when you haven't paid taxes for 40 years
  8. I'm hoping that any asset's he may own have been frozen and no benefits paid to his family. Knowing our luck his family will no doubt expect the crown to complain to the US about "murdering" one of it's citizen's :x
  9. Indeed, I met a woman the other day who was complaining about England and everything in it but with a slight American accent. I asked her where she originated from, she said "round here love but I saw the light and left this stinking hole 30 years ago for Canada". I asked her if she was visiting relatives over here and she replied "No, I had to come back because I need medical treatment and it's very expensive over there". Well fcuk off back there! Why are we (as a Nation) stupid enough to let these people come back here?

  10. Although I agree with your point, allowing British Passport holders back into the country for medical treatment is hardly in the same league as welcoming those who wish physical harm upon Britain.
    We have this dead bloke in Pakistan who is from Britain, we have an ongoing trial of an NHS doctor for the Glasgow Airport attack, British Asian's who are fighting against Britain should forfeit the right to a passport and residency in this country (and would suggest their families and all those who sympathise likewise)
    It may not be a popular position but those who put their religion and culture before Britain have no place here and it is an issue we must eventually address.
    This isn't a racist rant, its simply a question of practicality
  11. I am very saddened to hear of Mr Raufs demise.

    Sorry, just read that and I'd like to change the word "saddened" and replace it with the phrase "chuffed to fcuk"

    Rot in hell, you terrorist cnut.
  12. We'll probably have to pay for the cnut to be repatriated with full honours!!!
  13. A message to Rauf's family

    Dear Sir

    The cost of the missle which killed your murdering scote of a son was $68000 approx. He was one of five serviced by that munition. His share of the missle was therefore $13600.
    Please would you have a cheque for this sum in the post friday 28th November.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
  14. Oh dear, what a shame. I do hope he managed to complete his Computer course before Uncle Sam sent him to paradise.
    Burn in hell you piece of dirt.
  15. Thank fcuk :D