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One Legged Soldier fights In Helmand

Brave guy, and it's good that the army accepts this sort of thing. Is it routine to allow/consider personnel who've lost limbs/eyes, or was an exception made here?


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Barry’s prosthetic leg let him down only once — coming off as he dived into a bunker to escape a mortar. But another soldier threw it after him.

The brave amputee, from Southampton, said: “Everyone thought it was hilarious, but I was gutted.”
Another example of 'One of the Best' - a British Infantryman - peerless.

Such a disgrace that they are treated so appallingly by politicians, most of whom have never had a greater adventure or stressful experience than running for a train.

PS: Does this courageous man's example make the gigantic award made to a civilian typist, employed by the RAF, for so-called repetitive strain injury even more outrageous?
This is obviously PC gone mad, we'll soon have blokes in wheelchairs fighting, *add your own idiotic comment here*.

Brilliant stuff. Wonder how many lads have asked him if he wants to get legless.
Whiskey_60 said:

Well done!

(Don't think this has been done already)
Barry had nine operations on his foot, but doctors said it would always hurt to walk. Finally, after four frustrating years, he asked for an amputation.
What a brave soldier Barry is he really is an inspiration for others.

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