One-legged soldier denied disabled badge because he might 'get better'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gun_Nut, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Shocking, but completely typical of jobsworth civvy *****, particularly those working for local councils. Odious rats to a man, or woman.

    Telegraph standards up to the usual maximum before publishing as well:

  2. Monty Python anyone?

    "So it will just grow back then?"
  3. and if he was a civvy? would you rev the bus up?...I don't think so

    get over it, rules apply to everyone..tough shit lads..some of you are in for a shock in civvy strasse and it will happen
  4. But none of us have applied to join the RAF?
  5. "I'm a disabled former serviceman, not a facking starfish, you caaant" Probably more Derek and Clive Live than The Pythons.
  6. From the DFT website:

    I'd think that, even for a bureaucrat, having had one of his lower legs blown off (yes, I appreciate that probably wasn't exactly what happened but, hey, hyperbole!) counts as permanent, substantial and 'very considerable difficulty in walking'.
  7. what the **** are you jibbering on about?

    oh sorry you're coming across as a typical army lad who has no idea of life outside
    and that is the reality of life, some of you on here need to grow up

    no one gives a fk Idrach what anyone has done in RN, Army,RAF in civvy strasse
    and a lot of lads are going to have to come to terms with that, when they leave and they are going to have to face problems that a good beating in the NAAFI isnt going to sort out
  8. Why is he automatically entitled to stardom !
  9. You really have no idea, do you ...

    Err, yes, did you check the DFT rules? No, you came on and 'oh yes, I know far more than all of you sad bastards in green. Harken to my wisdom'.

    But, yes, you are completely right. It doesn't matter why he lost quite a bit of his right leg. He could have been blown up in Afghanistan, dropped his bike on it at 120, even been born without it. What matters is that he has, I say again "very considerable difficulty in walking".
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Local councils are overrun with the retarded. These are the type of people who seek power and influence, but are too thick to effectively lie to people to become a politician.

    Some people however are so spectacularly backwards that they can't even make it that far, and must remain shunned by their public and peers, and remain governed by others. These individuals include Sven/Whet and some members of the RAF Regiment, although there may be some protests whilst they stamp their feet and proclaim that they actually are important.
  11. Give it up mate, save yourself some dignity. You know you've gone off half-cocked and now you won't back down. The criteria for him getting "badged" is laid out in previous posts. That has got nothing to do with how any of the serving posters on here will transition to civvie street.

    Do you live in Cologne? Because if you do, WTF do you know about life in the UK?
  12. You could almost understand if the council were particularly difficult in issuing the blue badge to anyone. Although I would hazard a guess there are people parking willy-nilly with blue badges issued for no reason other than they have difficulty walking because they are fat and idle!
  13. Thats the spirit he'll soon grow another one.
  14. NIce to know that we have developed the technology to make legs grow back, sorry Legs that bit wont grow back :) and to see the bluejobs, who dont even live in the country any more, jump on the "you don't know you were born" bandwagon.

    On the bloke himself, yes he lost a leg but he did park in a disabled bay without the "blue badge" so they were entitled to give him a ticket. When he was given the ticket, did he appeal the ticket? That was his chance at the time to push it rather than wait until the bailifs appeared.