One law for us another one for them.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. No doubt most of the places are run using illegal immigrants and cash in hand workers , close em all down I say.
  2. Seeking to curry favour with the council. Greater Manchester Police announce that they are introducing special training courses for CID to deploy a fully trained team of smoke detectors. At present the team performance has been a bit flat but they retain hope of a first charge.

    A recent advertising campaign by the Asian traders raised hopes that they are embracing the rich history of English piss taking. "If you want to eat late then just roll up here".

    Way to go is individual smoking teepee burkhas.
  3. Kebab shops going on strike? What a load of pish, do they seriously think people won't say 'Ah, its closed, c'mon Dave, let's go to the chinky/vindaloo place/other kebab shop 40 feet down the road'?

    The government would have to be incredibly stupid to allow smoking on the premises. The retards would have no defence when the landlords of local bars turn round and say 'Well my customers can smoke in here too.' What would the answer be to that?

    Shut down the grotty shitholes, utter morons.
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  4. I was going to do my impersonation of a thicko EDL ****** but I see you've beaten me to it.
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  5. So who will supply all the kebabs and Balti take aways?
  6. There was a shisha bar that burnt down part of a mill in Leicester a few weeks back and nearly killed everyone else working in different parts of the mill. If smoking is banned in pubs then clearly these places should not be allowed to exist.
  7. The law is the law, whether you think it's good or bad law, it's still the law of the land. excluding one particular group from it for anything other than an exceptional reason, i.e. Sikhs wearing turbans instead of crash hats on motorbikes, is going to open a pandora's box which would end up doing nobody any good.

    You want a curry and while you are there, you fancy a smoke? Just pop outside for a few minutes! What about the non smokers who don't want cigarette smoke wafting across their curry while they are eating it!
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  8. You never get out much or have had contact with the UK Border agency / DWP then ?
  9. "Seeking to curry favour with the council."
    BB please tell me that was a slip of the tongue.
  10. Home - Morrisons
  11. What utter shyte. The law is the law, like it or not, get over it.
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  12. Exactly , exemptions cause unfair competition then a black market follows, like I said before close em down.
  13. Black market baltis...?

    Can I have some of what you're drinking, please, make it a single it seems rather ****ing strong.
  14. I think he refers to smoking, Trigger.