One law for them....

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Andy Barlow GC has just been cleared of racially motivated assault. What grips my shit, though is the accuser has played the race card, been shown to be a liar and has got off scott free.

I know the outrage bus is busy at the moment, but it's only a few miles from Philips Park Cemetery (scene of the stolen memorial plaques) to Bolton, quick diversion anyone?

Fcuking spineless CPS..... Didn't want the hassle of prossecuting a non white who had blatantly perverted the course of justice :x :x :x :x
When will the law enforcement agencies of this country start to stand up and do the bloody job properly???
The CPS and the rest will not stand up and do the job properly as they have no back bone and are sh*t scared of being called racist.

They went after this lad and his girlfriend for being racist and if found guilty would have thrown the book at them, but when it was proved they where not they did not have the balls to do the lying scum that accused them.

One day the people we put into power will do the right thing for the people they are supposed to represent.


Private prosecution for wasting police time and public funds, and whgen we have finished with the CPS we can get the racists that started all of this!

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