One law for them another for the rest of us?

One of the first things I was taught about hunting and target rifle shooting was:

Make sure of what your target is, and what is beyond your target. If you're not sure, or can not clearly Identify your target DO NOT SHOOT.
Tragic case. Byron's natural father (not the stepfather who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter) is serving, and an excellent bloke.
I know it's an extremely sad case, but was it not questionable to split up the group whilst in the dark? Should they not all have been behind the shooter to avoid this sort of horrific accident?

Poor bugger must feel so guilty.
It is indeed a tragedy but it is indicative of the kinds of errors just waiting to occur in the wide world of sporting shooting. There is a strong possibility that regulatory influence will be brought to bear, with some form of obligatory training, licensing and inspection - with added costs - unless we keep our own house in order.

It all ought to be common sense but every time I go out, I see someone doing something so bone as to make me cringe and stand well back and out of their arc - and that's just in broad daylight! I think training or education is needed and the likes of the BASC should set a strong lead before DEFRA or the HO steps in and in the course of making our sport safer manage to disqualify another tranche of legitimate users from gun ownership!

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