One last longshot......

When I finished my degree (mechanical engineering), I wanted to be a helicopter pilot but had no desire to join the military.
However, as time went by and various friends joined and loved it, I gradually came round to the idea to a point where I now think I would absolutely love to do it but theres just one problem...

I'm 27. And a half.

Way too old for the RAF, a year and a half to old for the Navy but I have heard something about a possibility of joining the Army Aircorps as an officer and then having the possibility to become a pilot that way if you do well.
Is this true?

I think I might just have time to get in on the officer training but has anyone heard of people being successful through such a late entry and is it even possible to get a flying role?
I have one saving grace and that is that I am about ten hours away from getting my PPL(H), could this help? Have they ever been known to make exceptions?

I have spoken to the military recruitment people but am looking for some personal experience from the army of arrsers...

Do I have ANY other options of military flying at this late stage? What about marrying an aussie and applying for their military?!?

I feel old already!
You are pushing it mate, the whole officer recruitment process takes 6 months to a year. You can still fly in the army air corp as a reg though.

What did the army recruitment people say?
That is a tough one, have you checked with the AFCO. It might be you have to be under 28 when you frst start the app process.

I was refused for officer training as you cannot be 29 before the end of training and I would have been. I looked at jobs with an "instant promotion" (kind of) on completion of training.
I was advised that if I impressed enough people on promotion to crpl there is the possibility to train as a pilot no matter which role you choose.
Check this with you AFCO as i've been told lots of things :)
Try cross linking this to the Aviation forum, someone there should be able to help you out.
If you look on the Army Air Corps part of the British Army website you will see that it says that you must be no older than 27 when you begin Sandhurst to become an officer in the AAC.

Bear in mind also that it could take up to a year or more to actually get into Sandhurst and that just wanting to go there and having the qualifications doesn't guarantee you a place. AOSB is very tough from all accounts.
Have you thought of Non commissioned aircrew in the RAF? weapons systems operators recruit from 17-36, you get the rank of sergeant after 19 weeks. You will get to fly, quiet possibly in a helicopter, but you will be blatting at people with a 50 cal rather than actually flying the aircraft.

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