One in, one out for Royal Navy minehunters

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 2, 2012.

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  2. Are there many mines in the Med then?
  3. I note that they are mine HUNTERS now, and not mine SWEEPERS...

    I suppose this means that the matelots now trawl the bars stealing unattended drinks rather than simply drinking everything left on the bar at closing time...
  4. Well if you know where they are, why are you ******* hunting them?
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  5. Are you familiar with the expression "self-licking lollipop" spaz?
  6. "…The ship and her crew have sailed around most of the Mediterranean in their six-month deployment, visiting 18 ports in eight countries including Malta, Sicily, Croatia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. There were also two visits to key North African countries as part of NATO's role in the Mediterranean…"

    18 runs ashore in 6 months?
    It's hell I tell you, hell!
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  7. Was the ship named Blyth after a quaint town in the North East of England. If so the heroin dealers on board will be making some fantastic profits as will the local tracksuit salesman and Pitbull breeder.