One Impressive Lady!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theprior, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Odd how she never felt the need to be strident about 'equality' and 'diversity'. She just got on with being a heroine and an example to us all - irrespective of gender.

    Not many made like this lady, but thankfully we are reigned over by one and we were governed by one from 1979 to 1990.

    'Harperson' eat your heart out you are not and never will be, in the same league.
  2. Please don't equate a politician who did as much damage to a nation as she did good with a woman who broke through german lines! Thatcher falls by the wayside with some of the heroines of WW2...
  3. Quite a lady!

    On BBC today they had a story about another recently honoured.
    BBC Linky
    A nice little lady finally getting credit for what she did.

    That generation was truly amazing. I used to work with a man here in the US. I knew him ten years before I found out he arrived in Normandy on D+1 and stayed close to the front all the way to Berlin. Previously all he had said was that he was a pay clerk. I had always imagined him sitting in an office at some army base. I only found out as he and the wife were going to Normandy for a vacation/reunion. He was very happy he went there. He had been assigned to another unit previously, a radar unit. By a fluke he was on funeral leave when his unit was sent to the Pacific and no one in his original unit survived.
  4. She did gave Labour a kicking when they deserved it, though - where are her likes now?
  5. How long before the movie is made?
  6. Until they can find the right American actress to play the role. :roll:
  7. Cynic, but yes you are right, there is lots of scope to hi-jack history for the greater glory of the US of A.